Do You Have An Idea For Fireplace Glass Doors To Suit Your Space

The fireplace in a home is a focal point creating a warm, inviting aesthetic, whether burning or still. When renovating or remodeling an interior, this centerpiece needs to be emphasized to as grand a state as possible, especially if it does not make the sort of statement you’re hoping for when guests enter your home.

One feature that will add the most luxurious embellishment is Watson’s custom fireplace glass doors. The doors are something that adds the exclamation point to an already magnificent feature.

Aside from the safety component and preventing ash and smoke from ascending into the living space, the doors are a homeowner’s opportunity not only to add flourish but will serve practical purposes for your burns.

With the ideal doors, firewood will burn more efficiently with steady heat absorption and even distribution into the area. How will you select the fireplace glass doors to suit your space with the most straightforward installation possible? Let’s check out a few tips.

Do You Have An Idea For Fireplace Glass Doors To Suit Your Space

A fun part of remodeling, renovation, or even interior design is choosing the elements that will not only depict your personality but elements that will serve a functionality and practicality for the overall space. One of those components is selecting to add fireplace glass doors to a unit that might be void of them.

The fireplace is a focal point of the living area. Sometimes if these are neglected, or the materials are somewhat dated, they can blend into the background. When choosing to update the space, a priority should be to make the fireplace the central component.

It should be of a grand scale. That would involve adding custom fireplace glass doors that emphasize the feature’s role as the grand master of the home. How can you select the ideal doors that will serve this purpose satisfactorily? Review some suggestions.

●     What is the style and type of fireplace

Before selecting doors, the first step is determining the type of fireplace you have, whether it be masonry or “zero-clearance.” Masonry generally comprises bricks or stones with mortar and an exterior chimney, usually of brick or clay in a permanent structure.

With a zero-structure, the indication is these have off-site construction brought into the home after being built. The surrounding typically consists of metal with siding or vinyl on the exterior structure.

At most stores like Watson’s, you can find varied custom glass doors that will suit these structures nicely, creating a focal point when installed.

●     Measure the opening accurately before shopping for the materials

The dimensions of the opening need to be measured accurately to determine whether you will be able to purchase a stock product or will need to work with a representative to create a custom option. The fit might be overlapped with one of the stock options, while a custom door will fit the space properly.

If the measurements are even a little bit off, usage inefficiency can be the result, plus there can be safety and performance issues.

●     Tempered glass or ceramic as your options

Much of this choice will depend on personal preference and the sort of performance you’re going for. Most people incorporate their fireplaces to conserve energy and decrease utility costs.

A lot of people opt for tempered glass that’s roughly ¼” thick. In order for this material to endure high temperatures, it’s exposed to extensive furnace heating and then put through a fast cool down meant to build tolerance.

On the other hand, the ceramic option boasts a high “thermal shock rating” with the capacity to handle incredible heat temperatures with the doors closed. Find out how to clean these options at

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●     Check the mechanics for opening the door

The door selection can be either cabinet styling or bifold. With bi-fold, two panels with each unit fold in as they open, reminiscent of a closet door producing a more visible opening to the fire.

The cabinet doors open at a 180-degree swing. Each retailer offers a wide range of styles for each style option from which you would select based on your design aesthetic.

These can be vintage, industrial, sophisticated, rustic, plus modern, or contemporary to ensure these stand out as a focal point yet blend with the home’s overall scheme.

Final Thought

A fireplace glass door will ideally brighten your home’s most brilliant feature. It emphasizes not only the focal point but also a layer of functionality and practicality, helping you achieve greater efficiency and reduce energy costs.

When purchasing glass doors, especially if you’re searching for custom options, research for a qualified, reputed industry leader to ensure quality, safety, and durability.

Click for details on the causes of shattering glass with gas fireplaces. Safety should always be a number one priority in any circumstance with potential risk.

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