Digital Advertisement Plus Direct Mail  A Winning Combination

Digital Advertisement

Businesses know the value of customer retention. They knew digital advertisement would work well, but alone it wouldn’t drive the retention rates they wanted.

The solution? A direct mail marketing strategy. Combining both marketing strategies drives a 10-15% increment in performance and even allows to increase the number of post-purchase.

Direct mail is an important part of any company’s marketing strategy. Without leveraging it, you are missing out on valuable touchpoints and losing some serious ROI.

Do digital advertising and direct mail marketing work well?

Digital advertisement is a broad category. It encompasses display, video, search, social media, native, and programmatic advertising.

Direct mail marketing is a bit more narrow – it’s all mail sent to your physical mailbox but can be done in various ways if done via direct mail campaign companies. Say postcards, brochures, letters, and coupons.

No marketing strategy exists in a silo; direct mail is no exception. And while marketers wrap all these digital tactics together into one cohesive marketing strategy, very few have managed to integrate direct mail with their digital advertising strategy. However, integrating direct marketing makes the entire marketing strategy more powerful and brings new ways to drive, retarget, and retain leads.

When you can get these with just digital, why not make some of these touchpoints physical?

It is proven that physical objects improve memory and increase value, making a direct mail marketing strategy a perfect way to strengthen your omnichannel marketing strategy.

Direct mail helps in dealing with many of the issues digital advertising brings:

Advertising: More than 25% of internet users use ad blockers, which can put a serious dent in digital advertising efforts. There’s no such thing as direct mail.

Marketers see the following stats when combining digital and direct mail:

Direct mail marketing can be more valuable if you are targeting enterprise companies. These companies have various decision-makers you have to reach before they purchase. Buying email lists from direct mail printing companies can help you target specific individuals, but those lists can be costly. Casting a wide net with paid advertisements alone can be costly too, especially when you can’t be certain everyone who received an ad is a qualified lead.

However, by integrating direct mail, you can target addresses, then personalise the postcard for your audience or decision-makers of those companies. The result? You will spend less money on a smaller address list while still targeting the exact people you want to target.

Where to implement direct mail in your digital marketing strategy? 

Direct mail boosts your digital advertising strategy at all stages of the customer journey.

Whether you are selling any product or software, direct mail offers you a more solid touchpoint to encourage lead generation.

From a direct mail marketing company, purchase address lists of new leads separated by location and send direct mail to households in the cities you are targeting that recipients can take to the nearest place or store. You can use direct mail to target key decision-makers at your target companies who didn’t discover you yet.

If you are not reaching out to your previous customers, you are likely to lose them forever. You should add direct mail to your retargeting strategy. It can help you take advantage of a less saturated channel and reach those who have not responded to your digital outreach.

Adding direct mail into the advertising strategy gives a more personal touch to retention efforts. Driving loyalty isn’t easy with many customers available, but it is worth it. Along with providing services, mailing companies in the USA send out direct mail with gift cards, coupons, product recommendations, and more. This would turn millions of first-time buyers into loyal customers.

How to combine digital and direct mail marketing?

Integrating your strategies takes more effort than just sending a brochure randomly – it takes a strategic approach to get the best results.

Treating your digital advertising and direct mail marketing strategies as separate initiatives is the best way to create inconsistent messaging and miscommunication. Treating them as a single strategy is challenging, so ensure they work in tandem to bring the desired results.

The best strategy is triggered by customers’ online behaviour. Watching your customers’ behaviour and then manually sending direct mail can be time-consuming. Thecompleted suggests automating your direct mail process to allow it to work together with your digital marketing in a timely manner. Invest in software tools to automate your direct mail so it can keep up with your digital marketing.

Managing multiple software and platforms can be painful – unless they work together. Integrate software to ensure both marketing strategies goes smoothly and nobody is left with incompatible techs.

Digital Advertising and Direct Mail Marketing are more powerful together 

Combining direct mail marketing and digital advertisements can be a winning combination. It does require some marketing strategies and takes up some work up front, but once it’s done, you will be on your way to expanding your audience and increasing your ROI.

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