Diabetes Management with Lifestyle – 5 Effective Tips

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Life with diabetes – I’m sure there is a lot you know about it and even a lot you have no idea about. 

Diabetes – An Overview

Diabetes is a troubling health condition that is way more than merely having an increased blood sugar level. Simply speaking, the constantly increased levels of sugar in our blood are either due to the insufficient or no production of insulin in the body or due to the insulin resistance in the body.

Diabetes has two major types i.e., type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Both types of diabetes have overlapping signs and symptoms due to which diabetes misdiagnosis is a thing. I remember one of my relatives was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and for years his doctor treated him for type 1 diabetes. Then he went to the best diabetologist in Lahore where he was diagnosed right and began the treatment. 

Type 1 diabetes usually occurs when the insulin-producing cells in the body are destroyed by the action of the immune system. Destruction of these cells alters the insulin production mechanism in the body. However, in the case of type 2 diabetes, the major cause is insulin resistance in the body. 

There are other types of diabetes as well that are less common such as  diabetes insipidus

Tips to Manage Diabetes with Lifestyle

Coming towards the diabetes treatment option we know that lifestyle changes play a significant role. Yes, diabetes management is quite possible with lifestyle changes. Want to know more about the management of diabetes with lifestyle? Here is all that can help you in this regard:

1- Healthy Eating

Healthy eating is one of the very first dietary changes that can help you to manage diabetes with lifestyle changes. This is especially important for diabetic people because the food choices can affect your blood sugar levels to a greater extent. 

For instance, the type of carbs you consume can be the reason that you might experience a sudden spike in your blood sugar level. While we talk about dietary choices, carbs are especially more important. Here are some of the dietary tips for diabetics.

  • Be wise while choosing carbs, try to add complex carbs to your diet
  • Avoid processed food items as they can have a significant impact on your blood sugar level
  • Add more and more fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet
  • Don’t go for unhealthy snacking
  • Choose sugars carefully and don’t get fooled by clever marketed sugar-free products
  • Consume enough fiber in your diet
  • Add more protein to your diet but make sure to avoid processed meat as well.

2- Workout Regularly

Whenever it comes to the management of diabetes with lifestyle, physical activity plays a key role. This is important as it not only keeps your body weight in a normal range but is eventually good to tackle the problem of insulin resistance in your body. So, no matter your routine make sure to work out daily. The type of workout is solely a matter of personal choice and can be anything from even simple running to high-intensity workouts like strength or resistance training. 

3- Management of Stress

Next in the list of management of diabetes with a lifestyle comes the role of stress management. This is because several studies have proved the role of stress in diabetes. When your stress hormone levels are higher, this is going to impact the way your body stores or reacts towards the produced insulin. In other words, stress can make you more insulin resistant. 

So, one of the ways that can help you to manage diabetes with lifestyle is stress management. Practice breathing techniques, talk about it or get professional help as this can help you to effectively manage diabetes with lifestyle. 

4- Quit Tobacco

Yes, you heard it right. Tobacco consumption is another thing that is linked with the development of diabetes. So, people who already suffer from chronic conditions like diabetes have a greater risk of health complications due to tobacco consumption. Not only this, but tobacco is also bad for your overall health for all the reasons. So, make sure you take a timely decision in quite the consumption of tobacco to avoid any such health risk.

5- Get Routine Checkups

Many people believe that if they are taking good care of their health, there is little or no need for them to see a doctor. However, this is not a good approach. When you skip your routine visit there is a lot that can remain hidden. So, no matter if everything is going right, you still need to see your physician so make sure you never skip your routine visits.

Bottom Line!

Diabetes is a chronic condition that can be hard to deal with. The only way to live well with this life-long condition is to manage it effectively. Make sure you follow the treatment plan given by your doctor and take care of your health. Further, don’t forget to have an eye on the warning signs and visit your physician regularly as prevention today is health tomorrow! 


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