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Elegance and state-of-the-art technology for the best training results

A treadmill does not have to give a dull hamster wheel feeling. If you want to be convinced of the opposite,black friday hoverboards the innovative and award-winning treadmill SlimWalk S200 is the best choice. It is not without reason that this groundbreaking new concept in the field of treadmills was awarded the red dot design award and the ISPO Award in 2018. Already the automatic start of the treadmill SlimWalk S200 underlines the surprising ingenuity and modern user-friendliness. Instead of a button, an integrated automatic start system ensures an uncomplicated and natural training start.

The entire tempo control of this running device is conceptually taken from the intuitive running feeling. For this purpose, the treadmill is divided into the three zones “Accelerate”, “Maintain speed” and “Braken”. A state-of-the-art infrared body scan determines exactly which zone you are currently in so that you automatically control the speed while running. The quiet 0.5 hp DC motor with 350 watts and bipolar drive translates your forward thrust into speeds of 0.6 to 8 km/h and you will find a natural flow for flexible and successful running training!

The clear display in the floor area provides unobtrusive and precise information about the previous running distance and the current speed. This allows you to see immediately whether you should slow down the pace or continue to pull through.

Despite a height of just 9 cm, the ultra-flat design of the SlimWalk S200 treadmill is combined with additional ease of use. The designer treadmill not only impresses with intelligent speed control but also has one of the largest treads with 1200 x 460 mm, compared to other treadmills on the market! This provides security during treadmill training and increases training success and running pleasure.

The optimally processed housing weighs only 28 kg and allows a maximum payload of 100 kg user weight. Thanks to integrated transport rollers, they can be moved quickly to any training location. Above all, however, the outstanding comfort of the use of the SlimWalk S200 treadmill continues unabated even after training. The concept of this designer treadmill allows easy storage, e.B. also under the bed or sofa. Break new ground in the training experience and present yourself and your state-of-the-art treadmill in the most appealing way!

High-quality workmanship, the compact design, and an efficient cooling system of modern technology enable an unprecedented training experience with this Miweba Sports treadmill and set new standards in the world of running machines!

The tread size is measured by the training goal

The fitness equipment market offers a variety of different treadmill types. Which is the right one is decided by which training goals are pursued. In addition to the speed settings, the focus should also be on the tread. This is measured by the step size and the foot position. At low speeds, both can still be coordinated well, but when running fast, the sequence of movements changes abruptly. So if you are working towards a marathon or want to train short sprints, you should choose the largest possible running surface. Furthermore, the choice of equipment is also about whether you want to run free during training or want the holding column as support. If the latter is the case, a small footprint is usually sufficient.

When choosing, pay attention to height and weight

But there are also other criteria that can be used as a good guide. On the one hand, there is the body size. This has a direct influence on the step size and is also related to the shoe size. While people with a height of 1.60 m get along well on a small tread, taller people need a little more space in depth and width of the area. This is also needed with regard to the holding column, which should not cramp the training. Another important point can be found in the manufacturer’s specifications for treadmills: The maximum permissible body weight. Although the belts usually run with a slight overload, the cushioning cannot properly absorb the additional weight. This not only causes wear on the fitness treadmill, but also joints experience stronger resistance.

The higher the speed, the larger the tread should be.

Before a purchase decision is made on the basis of equipment features, body size and your own weight, the purposes of use must be taken into account. What kind of running or walking do you want to train and how often should these sessions take place? Of course, it’s nice if the treadmill covers all areas, best roller skates but how likely is it that fast sprints will be done? In this point, your own running habits are particularly helpful. If you want to train your endurance and at the same time rely on a high fat burning, you will prefer a constant pace. If the ambition is to go to the limit and prepare for a marathon, the treadmill surface should be designed for a high pace. But even with walking, walking or slow jogging, fitness can be noticeably increased with the sports equipment.

Good to know: When running, the leg muscles are burdened by the appearance by a multiple of body weight. Hard surfaces take their toll. Treadmills, on the other hand, are equipped with dampers that cushion the “hard kick”. In order to maintain this conveying function, the maximum permissible weight should not be exceeded.


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