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Do you believe your accounts are secure now that you have two-factor authentication set up and strong passwords in place? Think again. There is still a lot of sensitive information that needs to be secured. 

You might believe that the most sensitive numbers in your life are those associated with your Social Security or bank accounts. With just your cell phone number, hackers may now easily cause much more harm. Your mobile phone number, however, is much less likely to be kept a secret than your Social Security number because otherwise, no one will be able to contact you.

Why do you need to protect your personal phone number

A single point of failure is your mobile phone number. Consider this. You frequently utilize your mobile phone number. You use it to join up for websites and services, and occasionally you’ll use it to log into a mobile app or game. In case you forget your code, you can reset your account using your phone number. Additionally, you utilize it for two-factor authentication when logging into your accounts for security. 

Someone who obtains your phone number effectively assumes your identity. A hacker can start taking over your accounts one by one with your phone number by sending a password reset request to your phone. When you phone customer service, they can deceive automated systems—like those at your bank—into believing they are you. Even worse, they can use your hacked number to access your company’s information by hacking into your emails and papers. 

Consider each website and service that contains your phone number. You must therefore safeguard your phone number.

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How do hackers steal cell phone numbers?

The ease with which hackers can obtain your cell phone number will astound you. Phone numbers are readily available because there have been so many data breaches

. Hackers frequently call their target’s carrier while posing as the customer after discovering their target’s cell phone number circulating around the internet (or via a phone bill in the trash). They ask the customer support agent to “port out” the phone number to a different carrier or a SIM card after answering a few straightforward questions, which are frequently as basic as asking someone where they reside or when they were born. I’m done now. The phone number activates on a scammer’s SIM card as soon as the “port out” is finished, enabling the hacker to send and receive messages and make calls, much like the person they just hacked.

Steps you may take to safeguard your phone number.

Similar to how you may add two-factor authentication to your online accounts, you can add a supplementary code for security to your mobile phone accounts. 

Customer care can be reached via phone or online. (Many people find that calling and speaking with someone reassures them more.) To make sure that only you—the account holder—can make any changes to the account or port out your number, you can, for instance, ask customer support to set a secondary password on your account. 

Secondary security codes are handled differently by each carrier. If you can, try to make your password, passcode, or passphrase longer than four to six numbers.

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