Create Your Own Cigarette Packaging in 5 Easy Steps

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Government always tries to prohibit the use of cigarettes. But the trend of smoking continues among all age groups. Cigarette consumption is increasing each year. Various new cigarette brands are rapidly introduced in the market. Cigarette packaging plays an important role in this regard. Specially designed cigarette boxes wholesale are used by all brands to attract people to try the product. People can also make cigarette boxes according to their choice. This makes them carry the cigarettes in a unique style. Below are some of the easy steps to create your own cigarette boxes:

Materials Required For Cigarette Packaging

  • A3 sheet of paper
  • clear vinyl adhesive sticker
  • Paper double-sided tape
  • Glue
  • Paper cutter
  • Metal scale
  • Scissor

Step 1: Finalize a Design

Search a design for cigarette packaging online or develop it in Photoshop. Customize it according to your choice. Keep the length of the box according to the length of the cigarettes. Photoshop supports different variations in design. Get a colored printout of the packaging design on an A3 sheet of paper. From the settings, choose fit to display. Stick a clear vinyl adhesive sheet on the layout for protection. Make sure that no air bubble is trapped inside the sheet. Companies that offer cigarette boxes wholesale follow a similar process to finalize the design.

Step 2: Cut the Crease Lines and Make Creases

Use a metallic scale and a paper cutter to cut the crease line. This will trace on the back side of the paper. Creases should be made on the back of the printed side. This makes your box looks neat. Once you have cut it, flip the paper. Use a metal scale and make creases along the folds.

Step 3: Cutting the Box

Again flip the paper so its printed side is on the top. Cut the outer box according to the guideline. Also, cut the L-shaped slit from the box as shown in the image. All these parts will get folded to make a box.

Step 4: Make the Lock for the Box

Now we have to make a lock for the cigarette box. Without a lock, cigarette packing looks incomplete. Cut the lock from the sheet as shown in the image. Paste it on the box so that the top of the lock touches the third crease. Join it edge to edge. Apply glue so that it may stick properly to the box.

Step 5: Making the Box

The last step of our process is giving the box a final shape. Fold the box to make the larger bottom part. Paste the sides from edge to edge. Hold it firmly for a few seconds to fasten. Now fold the top of the box. This is the step where you will become clear on how to make it.

Your cigarette boxes are ready. This makes you carry your cigarettes in a cool way. You can customize the design according to your wish. The color scheme can be selected accordingly.

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