Clean TeQ Water launches new phosphate removal and recovery technology

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clean TeQ Water announced the release of its new PHOSPHIX generation. PHOSPHIX makes use of a mixture of its non-stop Ionic Filtration (CIF) generation and chemical precipitation to selectively remove phosphate from water and recover a stable phosphorus product that is appropriate for reuse.

Phosphate water pollutants from fertilizer runoff, detergents and sewage is a major trouble in the course of the sector, and improved phosphate concentrations cause eutrophication and algal blooms which can reason irreversible ecological damage. For these motives, an increasing number of strict policies are being located on phosphate concentrations discharged to the surroundings by Governments and Environmental authorities round the world.

improving phosphorus from wastewater to substitute phosphorus derived from finite phosphate rock is an growing trend, with the ecu currently recycling 50% of phosphorus from sewage and nations including Switzerland and Germany having rules governing the restoration and recycling of phosphorus within the wastewater treatment zone.

PHOSPHIX can achieve very low effluent concentrations (<0.1 ppm) with over ninety nine% water recovery and provides phosphate recycling into hydroxyapatite, which can be used for fertilizer production. the solution provides reduced footprints and plenty lower chemical consumption main to 1/2 the running cost while compared to usually used precipitation systems. The value reduction makes phosphate recycling a more economically feasible solution for treating water throughout industries.

easy TeQ Water’s CEO Willem Vriesendorp stated, “we are excited to launch our PHOSPHIX era to the market to assist municipalities and commercial clients in eliminating and recycling phosphorus from their wastewater. It enhances our portfolio of precise nutrient treatment and recycling answers, which presently consist of BIONEX and BIOCLENS. We believe PHOSPHIX will open the door to a variety of markets because of the significant blessings the technology gives, consisting of the ecu wherein over 90% of phosphorus is imported.”

PHOSPHIX is well located to assist municipal and commercial clients to decorate their aid restoration and assist the global shift toward circular nutrient flows.


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