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No matter what kind of games you play, good-quality headsets make the gaming experience better. You can hardly coordinate with other players, hear the details finely, and enjoy the games without suitable headsets. For this reason, you need the best pair of headphones.

Well, there are multiple brands of gaming headsets available in the marketplace that can confuse you. Some models have well-packaging while most have bold structures. However, appearances are very misleading. 

So, choose the best gaming headsets equipped with many effective features. Having good audio quality, the devices enhance the sound experience of the game. Additionally, their design quality provides convenience, contributing to long-hour gaming sessions. There are several important features that you must look for in the headsets. 

This article will help you to get well-familiarized with every feature so that you can consider them while choosing the right one. 

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Know The Top Features To Make The Right Choice Of The Best Gaming Headsets

#1. Connection, Wired Or Wireless?

A good connection is very essential to make your gaming experience better. Some headsets are wired which are connected using cables while some are wireless. Your decision to choose depends on all the devices you are using to connect them with. 

If you’re looking to connect with computers, consoles, or mobile phones, then wired headsets with 3.5mm cables are the right choice. Mostly all these devices have a 3.5mm input port. 

But many modern mobile phones are without a 3.3mm jack port. So, in this case, choose wireless headsets for gaming that are equipped with Bluetooth features. Using such headsets, you can move freely in and around your place for some breaks in between the game. 

#2. Sound Isolation

While choosing the best gaming headsets, ensure to purchase the ones with ” Active Noise canceling” and “Passive Noise Isolation” features. Confused between the both? We are here to make it clear to you. 

Basically, the active noise canceling feature of the gaming headsets reduces the outside noise by amplifying the inside sound of the game. All this is done using software programmed inside the devices. This provides more refined audio quality, helping you with clear communication with other players. 

On the other hand, passive noise isolation generally means your headsets have to work physically. There is a main role of build quality of the devices. The foamy headband with a tight grip around the ears filters out the background noise and stops entering it inside. It eliminates the confusion between outside sound and gaming sound.  

To ensure both potential features, we recommend buying the Jabra gaming headsets for the stress-free experience. The better the quality of the headsets, the most pleasing the sound. 

#3. Comfort Level

It is true that one hour of a gaming session is not enough. You might wish to play for more hours.

As one hour of gaming is insufficient, the comfort level of headsets for wearing for one hour should be of the same importance. So, consider the following features while deciding on the most comfortable one:

  • Material: It plays a significant role when it is about the convenience of playing the games for a long period of time. The ear cups must be of fabrics or leather materials. Fabrics ease better air circulation, preventing sweating issues. Same with the leather materials but they do not undergo wear and tear easily. 
  • Weight: Well, gaming headsets are manufactured using different materials. From a heavy plastic body with unique designs to a minimal body with lightweight aluminum components. So, if you want to use them for a long time, it is worth making the investment in the ones with light weight. Without feeling any pressure on your head and ear, you can continue and enjoy your game for a longer period. 
  • Clamp Force: Clamp force is a matter of concern in gaming headsets as you might have to wear it for longer sessions. High clamp force can be uncomfortable, causing pain or soreness. So, while deciding on the best gaming headsets, personally check the clamping force and then purchase the one.

#4. Sound Quality

For the best gaming experience, it is important that the devices must have great sound quality. So, while selecting the headsets, look for the three types of sound that are stereo, surround, and dimensional sound. Let’s discuss about them:

  • Stereo: It relatively distributes over two audio channels and is best for gaming as it provides high sound fidelity. This sound is limited to either right or left ear cups which might be enough for competitive games.
  • Surround Sound: In many gaming headsets, surround sound comes with 7 audio channels. It means you can listen to the audio very clearly. It gives you a realistic sense of broad space and alerts you about the direction your opponents can come from. Basically, this helps you receive audio from left to right and from back to front.  
  • Dimensional Sound: This sound takes your gaming experience to the next level. It warns you of the noise from above to below direction. The 3D sound is most suitable for competitive gaming, delivering a supersonic auditory experience. Through it, you can identify the exact location of your opponents. With supersonic responses to footsteps and gunshots of attackers, you can track and strike them easily.

#5. Microphone

Microphones are an important component of gaming headsets as they allow effective communication with other players for the right coordination. They are the handiest feature to look out for. 

But be mindful while choosing the headsets with microphones as there are two types-unidirectional mics and omnidirectional mics. Well, the former microphones receive the sound from only one direction and are pointed directly toward your mouth. On the other hand, later ones pick up surrounding noise from every angle. 

Keep in mind whether you choose unidirectional or omnidirectional microphones, positioning matters the most. This is because it has a direct impact on how sound is picked. 

Summing Up

Indeed, the best gaming headsets are not only worthy but also a profitable investment. The devices will help make the next level of gaming experience in terms of comfort level, great connectivity, and good sound quality. 

So, whenever you decide to purchase, do consider all the above-mentioned features in your gaming headsets. We hope our article has rightly guided you!


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