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Ankle injury and pain are not a problem that is reserved for athletes. More than 25,000 Americans daily deal with ankle pain or sprains in the United States. Research shows that around 40% of ankle sprains go untreated or misdiagnosed. It can lead to chronic pain and disability.

An ankle problem can cause problems throughout the body. It can cause pain and soreness in the muscles under the foot and the muscles to the side of the leg. It can cause loss of mobility, an uneven gait and hip and back pain.

Anatomy of an Ankle

Three bones connect the ankle joint. The socket is formed by the lower ends of the fibula (lower leg bone) and the tibia, which are the shinbones.

The calcaneus (heel bone) is where the bottom of the Talus rests. The joint has a ring of soft cartilage about one inch thick. It provides shock absorption to carry body weight. However, it is durable and rugged enough to last a lifetime, as long as there are no injuries.

Ligaments hold the bones together, and tendons attach the muscles to the bones. An injury can cause damage to the bone, muscles and tendons, as well as to ligaments.

Treatment for Ankle Pain and Injury

RICE is the most common treatment for ankle pain. It is a combination of rest, ice and compression. Alternative medicine replaces the R with an “M”, meaning movement is needed instead of rest.

It is crucial that you move safely and with care. Movement can exacerbate specific ankle injuries, so you should take care.

Many other traditional treatments include varying pain management options, from opioids to ibuprofen. Surgery for severe injuries such as a torn or ruptured ligament may be required. An x-ray can be used to check for damages and determine the damage in patients who experience ankle pain. An x-ray may not be able to detect the harm in all cases. An MRI might be required in these cases.

Chiropractic for Ankle Pain

The most effective treatment for ankle and foot pain is chiropractic. The chiropractor will assess the source of the pain and determine its cause. To help determine the best course of action, they may use X-rays, MRI, CT scans and other diagnostic tools.

If the ankle injury is not yet healed and the area is tender and inflamed, it is best to rest. It is essential to provide rest, ice and compression, and elevation. Chiropractic adjustments can be made to the foot and ankle as the swelling subsides.

Chiropractic care for the ankles can reduce prescription medications’ pain and side effects. It alone can be a massive draw for many patients. Chiropractic can also provide benefits for ankle pain.

Regular chiropractic adjustments can strengthen your ankle, increase stability, and improve mobility and flexibility. Sometimes nerves and soft tissues can be damaged. Regular chiropractic adjustments improve blood flow and speed healing. The whole-body approach allows the patient to receive recommendations on lifestyle and diet changes such as exercising or losing weight.

For ankle injury and pain, chiropractic care can be very effective. It is non-invasive, and natural and allows the body to heal itself.

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