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CA and CS are both fascinating courses for commerce students. Still, most commerce students are confused between these courses. The CA and CS courses have their own valuable position in the corporate world. However, both courses are equally opted by commerce students.

To become CA in India and To Become CS in India, a student must pass all the levels of both exams with a minimum of 50% aggregate. In this article, the CA Wizard team will guide you about the Course by mentioning the basic details of CA and CS.

Moreover, the article is drafted after deep research, which might help you to choose the best between two CA and CS.

Let’s start with the basic details of both the courses:

1. Chartered Accountancy (CA)

Chartered accountancy, the word itself, contains respect in itself. They are full of knowledge and are considered experts in accountancy. The CA Course is regulated and owned by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI).

Hence, ICAI is the only regulating body that provides CA degrees in India and other countries.

Moreover, the CA have a piece of knowledge in various fields like accounting, taxation, and law and all these fields, job offers are open for them. However, in India, the CA is the only person who can audit the Company’s financial statement.

Let’s have a look at the basic details of the CA Course:

Course Structure:

The CA course is divided into three levels, i.e. CA Foundation, CA Intermediate, and CA Final. To become CA in India, a candidate must have all these three levels with a minimum of 50% aggregate in each. Along with these three levels, the student must also complete the 3 years of articleship training.

However, the training helps the student to get practical knowledge of the field and face real-life situations.

Course Duration:

The CA Course duration after the 12th is 5 years, and the course duration after graduation is 4.5 years. This duration includes the period of three levels and articleship training; however, if the students fail in any of the levels, then every failing attempt will increase the duration from 6 months.

Job Offers

There are various job offers for a CA student:

  • Internal Auditor
  • Banking and Insurance
  • Handling Accounts
  • System Audit
  • Handling the company’s legal matters
  • Advisor in Direct and Indirect tax
  • Handling Transfer pricing
  • Auditing Financial Statement

CA Salary

The average CA salary in India is 7-8 lakhs for fresher, and it gradually increases as per the person’s skills and experience. However, an experience CA in India gets 30-40 Lakhs and can go up to 60 lakhs.

2. Company Secretary (CS)

Company Secretary is a profession entirely based on the Company’s corporate governance. However, the CS has been considered the advisor or the MD of the Company, Which helps in company affairs and is considered a highly knowledgeable person in company law.

Moreover, the CS is responsible for handling the Company’s legal affairs. CS is comparatively easy than CA but is not that easy that a student can easily pass. However, according to past trends, students are also seen to make many attempts in CS exams.

Course Structure:

The CS course is conducted by the Institute of Companies Secretaries of India (ICSI), which was set up under the 1980 act. Similarly, like the CA course, the CS course is divided into three levels, i.e. CS Foundation, CS Intermediate and CS Final. The CS examination is held twice in the year, in June and December.


The total duration of the CS course is 3 years after the 12th. However, The duration at each level is as follows:

  • CS Foundation: 8 Months
  • CS Executive: 9 months
  • CS Professional: 15 Months

Job Offers

There are a lot of job profiles in which a CS can work:

  • Assistant of the board of directors
  • Company Registrar
  • Legal Advisor
  • Corporate Policy Maker
  • Principal Secretary
  • MD
  • Administrative Secretary
  • Contents coordinator

CS Salary

The average CS salary of a fresher is 3-5 lakhs. However, it increases later on as per the skills and experience of the candidate. However, the CS salary is comparatively less than a CA salary.

Difference Between CA vs CS

After the basic details of CS and CA, let’s examine the fundamental differences between the courses.

Basis CA CS
Full-Form Chartered Accountancy Company Secretary
Difficulty Level CA is tough than CS Moderate difficulty level
Course duration The total duration of the CA Course is 5 years The total duration of CS is 3 Years
Fees 2-3 Lakhs 40k – 50k
Scope The Scope of CA is wide The scope of CS is also wide but less than CA

Final Say

In the above article, we have mentioned all the relevant and essential details related to CA vs CS. This article will help students to choose the right course between CA and CS. Moreover, CA vs CS are both the most challenging Course, but both these courses are valuable and worthful. Choose the best Course that fits your choice and work hard to earn your degree.


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