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In the past, many of you have used Kahoot!, Quizlet, Quizizz and many more. These are games-based systems for student responses that offer an assessment option that is formative. Teachers create an account for free and can create quizzes that incorporate videos and images or choose one of the numerous pre-created tests. Students use the internet to answer and earn points as they achieve.

Each assessment as well as numerous others like the Know offer educators and pupils an opportunity to take part in practice testing. They also offer pre-assessment as well as post-assessment results for coaching instructors. In this blog post I’ll present the other formative assessment tools that you might not be aware of.

In the beginning, let’s examine some of the scientifically-based research that has focused on two main concepts such as assessment-based practice tests and practice feedback.

Exploring The Research:

As you’ve probably guessed, “formative assessment [serves] as a way to improve the caliber of still-underway instructional activities.” Compare the two types of assessment: summative and formative. This can be described as “a way to determine the effectiveness of already-completed instructional activities” (source: ASCD). A more detailed definition of formative assessment can be found in the following:

Formative assessment is an approach that is used by both students and teachers in the course of instruction. It provides feedback for teachers and students to improve their instruction and learning in order to increase students’ performance in achieving the learning outcomes.

Formative assessment has distinct features which include:

  • It is a process, not one event
  • An instrument that can be useful to teachers and students.
  • Feedback from assessment for both teachers and students

As you may have already gathered via TCEA TechNotes’s blog posts about Feedback ( d=0.64), feedback based on assessments must accomplish these things:

  • Concentrate on the product or task and determine if it’s correct or not, and then provide suggestions to improve it.
  • Give details about the steps students undergo to complete the task or design an item
  • Provide insight into students’ ability to monitor and guide their learning with goal-setting, self-assessment and determining the next steps

What are some of the digital tools that offer feedback to products or tasks? In addition to formal tests, what are some ways that student learning could be enhanced? Tests for practice (d=0.46) can be one way to do this. The practice test is referred to in the field of retrieval also known as testing-increased learning.

Introducing Blooket:

Another interesting online tool called ket student and teacher accounts. With a free account teachers utilize Blooket as a host for a discussion which is set in a particular game mode. The game is project on a screen or projector, and then students compete using their personal devices. Blooket keeps track of the progress of each student by keeping track of the responses from students. Students can track their performance via a global leaderboard ranking. Here are some comments from teachers:

  • “In Blooket , you’re given eight different gameBlooallows  modes, all based on the same set of questions. Players can earn points in different ways during every game mode. Blooket is a classic mode similar to Kahoot. Children love it because they can play in a variety of game mode to keep it exciting.”
  • Many of the activities are entertaining and promote participation in the classroom.
  • “You can play online games or complete your assignments.
  • This has made the year an absolute blast for me and my students because it is compatible with hybrid, distance, and in-person students.”

Like you would imagine, the game modes offered by Blooket provide a variety. “It offers power ups and random sabotage things you can do to other players,” according to a different teacher. Follow these steps to begin:

  1. Begin with a set of questions. You can design your own set, or import one from the library, or look for one.
  2. Select the game mode. There are a variety of game modes available.Choose one that you like.
  3. Create a game for the host and allow students to participate. Students must use a game identification number to play.
  4. Take part in the game. As the students play they respond to questions that focus on the content they have  taught in class.
  5. Review the results. Teachers and students can look over the data on performance to find areas of improvement.

A Few of Blooket’s More Recent Features:

Blooket offers a wide array of features that can enhance gaming mode education. A few new features that are free include:

  • Extend/Reopen Homework
  • Discover Tab Filters
  • Automated Group Subscriptions
  • Time Limit Setting Button for All Questions
  • Eliminate students from homework

Other features are also available for the cost of. These include:

  • Eliminating the limit of 60 players (plus Only)
  • Merging Question Sets (+ Only)

Are you curious about what Blooket has to offer? Let’s look at the pricing before I allow you to view a couple of videos.

Blooket’s Cost:

One teacher claims, “I do pay for Blooket premium since it allows me to duplicate sets and get more thorough reports.

says one teacher. Are you curious about what Blooket costs? Don’t forget that you have access to all features for free like hosting and creating questions in various game modes. The free version includes unlimited sets of questions and the capability to modify those. Below you can find out what you will receive if you opt to purchase it:

Look Before Leaping:

Are you curious to experience what Blooket is like in action? This is a short two-minute video to learn more about the software. In the video below there are additional walkthrough videos you could use. Watch this awesome video by Master Heebs.

Additional videos to examine prior to diving into Blooket:

  • Using Blooket to Increase Student Engagement
  • Blooket Overview via Master Heebs
  • Blooket – A Quick Overview for Teachers

Let me know your thoughts on this in the comment section below.

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