Best Sarees to Wear During Summer Days

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The summer season has arrived, with temperatures soaring to an all-time high. It is essential to change the appearance types we usually wear. The summer season is all about the scorching heat, which means you have to choose something light for your body and skin. Most Importantly for the women who tend to wear saree with heavy material, during this time, you must select a material that is light on the weight and breathable to give the optimum comfort to your body. Below, we have sorted down some excellent summer saree materials to stay comfortable and stylish throughout the summer.  guest post write for us

Top Sarees to wear during the summer season

Here is the list of top saree materials you can wear during summer. 

You can wear various fabrics during summer to keep yourself cool and comfortable. Some ideal fabrics you can wear during summer are cotton, linen, sheer, silk and polyester. This material comes with breathable pores, making a huge difference in summer. Therefore, you must consider buying a saree of these fabrics for the summer.

Here is the list of sarees which you can wear during summer.

Cotton Saree with the batik print

Going for a cotton saree is absolutely the best option when choosing the saree material for the summer. The cotton is light in weight and can absorb more water or sweat and when it is introduced to the outer environment for evaporation. The cotton saree comes with better airflow between skin and environment. The fabric protects itself from the bacteria like fungus and other algae.

The cotton saree comes in beautiful prints and patterns, and you will find a cotton saree with exquisite embroideries and embellishment. If you love gorgeous handcrafted ancient images or tie and dye patterns, you must try out the bandhani, Ajkrah and batik print cotton saree from the Kutchi Bazaar. From the Kutchi Bazaar website, you can buy batik saree cotton with the trendiest design and bandhej and Ajrakh print saree.

Linen saree with batik print

The other popular fabric for the saree to wear during the summer is linen. The linen fabric hails the parts of Egypt, and it is said to be one of the oldest fabrics still present in the modern world. The fabric is produced with the help of the flax plant fibre which grows inside the the stalk of the plant. 

If you want a versatile fabric for the summer saree, you should go with the linen saree. You can check out the linen saree collection of the Kutchi bazaar. Some popular linen are Linen batik saree, Linen batik saree and linen bandhani saree.

Chiffon Saree

Chiffon is the latest kind of fabric which you can wear and flaunt during the summer day. It is the one versatile fabric which gives both comfort and design at the same momement. The best thing about the chiffon fabric is it drapes well to the body and feels super comfy to the skin.

Silk cotton saree

The next popular saree you can wear during summer is the silk cotton saree. The saree is the infusion between comfortable cotton and charming silk. If we look at the specific fabric type, you will not like silk cotton fabric. 

The significant difference between ordinary silk and cotton silk is that when mixed with cotton, the silk fabric becomes lighter and ideal for wearing during the summer. People worldwide love wearing saree, which are made using silk cotton fabric. 


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