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Microwave ovens are a must-have irreplaceable appliance in every Indian household. It renders countless purposes like cooking, baking, frying, roasting and many more. If you are eyeing to buy the best microwave ovens in India, you can purchase from big brands like IFB, LG, etc. 

A grill microwave oven is a single microwave oven with cooking, reheating, and grilling options. The heating coils in grill microwave ovens are in charge of toasting, roasting, and grilling various food items. They are the perfect option for making kebabs, toast, and tikka. Usually, grilling is also compatible with various microwave cooking modes. Most companies these days also provide various recipes for grilling different types of food items.

Using different grill settings on a microwave oven makes it simple to cook food until it is crispy and browned. This also ensures that the food is fully cooked, without much oil or butter. Grill microwave ovens are cost-effective and available at a reasonable price in India. So here we have listed the best-selling grill microwave ovens you can buy in India.

  • Bajaj 20 litres Grill Microwave oven

The Bajaj grill microwave oven price is considerable, and its function is used for various tasks in addition to grilling, including cooking, defrosting, and warming food. Adjustments to the time and temperature should be made with less effort because of the device’s jog wheels and tactile buttons, which are designed to provide this functionality. Youngsters are unable to use the microwave and cannot accidentally turn it on because of a safety feature known as a kid lock. It is one of the most cost-effective and well-performing ovens you can get for your home. 

Price: 6,999

Rating: 4:3

  • IFB 20 litre Grill Microwave oven

Infrared grill microwave ovens such as the IFB are lovely for grilling since they bring the temperature of everything to the same level. When the express cook option is chosen, all necessary to start the cooking process is to select the weight and click a button. Choosing the express cook option is optional. There is no need for any more preparation at this time. 

Suppose it reaches a temperature at which it would be dangerous to continue running. In that case, it will switch off by itself to prevent the device from overheating and damaging itself in the process. The IFB grill microwave price has been lower and it provides you with a total of 61 distinct possibilities from which to pick and select.

Price: 10,900

Rating: 4:2

  • LG 20L Grill Microwave Oven

LG grill microwave oven price is quite reasonable and hides the heating element inside the microwave so its customers wouldn’t accidentally burn their flesh while using the gadget. Using intelliwave technology in cooking would make the process easier and safer for those participating. 

The meals are already prepared when the device is purchased, which makes preparing them much less complicated than it would be otherwise. It achieves this by limiting the growth of bacteria in the cavities, which, in turn, should remove any foul odours that may be present. In other words, the microwave price must be nominal and accessible to everyone.

Price: 7,890

Rating: 4:3

  • Bajaj MTBX Microwave oven

Grilling, cooking, defrosting, and preparing meals are just some of the many tasks that can be accomplished with the Bajaj MTBX grill microwave’s many features. The ability to cook meat on the grill is one of these features. The timer set for thirty minutes gives you a lot of wiggle room to work with when it comes to preparing dinner since it gives you a lot of time to work with. 

It is anticipated that the jog dial will be easy to operate and will continue to function reliably for a long time. The Bajaj MTBX grill microwave oven price is quite easy for everyone to afford and it has both a grill and a microwave should make putting together a meal for the family much more difficult. 

Price: 5,499

Rating: 4:3

  • LG 20L Microwave Oven

Because it has an antibacterial chamber, the LG grill microwave oven price is lower compared to others and it has a lower potential for developing unwanted odours and is much simpler to clean after use. Your food has the potential to be grilled at any point during the process, whether it is still defrosting, warming up, or cooking. 

Within, discreetly hidden away, is a heater that was developed for the express purpose of expediting and standardising the cooking process. The food cooked in it should have a flavour pleasing to the palate since it keeps a steady temperature throughout the cooking process. Also, microwave prices are the lowest and easy to buy.

Price: 7,890

Rating: 4:3

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