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According to the Shivpuran, once upon a time, the Lord Brahma and the Lord Vishnu got into a fight with each other. Lord Brahma is credited with creating the entire universe, leading some to believe that he holds the title of “greatest.” On the other hand, Lord Vishnu began proclaiming that because he is one who is responsible for upkeep and protection of the entire world, he is the most powerful. After their argument caused a commotion, an astrological column materialized in the middle of them. A voice could be heard coming from the heavens, saying that the entity that will discover its conclusion first is the most extensive. Lord Brahma proceeded to walk downward, while Lord Vishnu ascended the mountain. But neither of them was able to locate the conclusion of it, and they went back empty handed.

Lord Vishnu told Brahma the truth about his failure, but Brahma began to lie to Lord Vishnu after hearing the story. Brahma is reported to have stated that he returned after reaching its conclusion. As a sign and a witness, Brahma offered the white flower of the Ketaki plant. After that, Lord Shiva showed up there, and he was very angry about the lie. He claimed to be the oldest, and he is the only one who has been there since the beginning and seen it through to the end. Ketaki flower had angered Shiva by telling lies, so Shiva retaliated by cursing him to be excluded from their worship forever. Collectively, the two of them cursed Brahma so that he would never have a temple built in his honor and he would never be worshiped anywhere.

The preceding story is, in point of fact, a metaphor, and it is directing attention towards the superiority of Kundalini yoga in general. Those who destroy the natural world through careless building projects are represented by the Hindu deity Brahma. People who fall into this category include those in business, politicians, and fake religious leaders who use egoism. Included in this group are individuals who take part in religious rites such as the Rajoguni Yajna and others like it. They become filled with arrogance and begin to believe that they are the greatest thing in the world.

They have an abundant supply of funds, which enables them to purchase journalists and members of the public who have a good reputation in society. People who fit this description are represented by the white flower of the ketaki plant. They force these people to sing their praises to the fullest, ignoring the true God in favor of becoming gods themselves. Because of this, deceitful people who present themselves as so pure and innocent are unable to win Lord Shiva over. One must maintain the innocence of a child in order to bring them joy. Because of this, Shiva is also sometimes referred to as Bholenath or Bhole Baba. Tantriks are also naive.

People do not show true respect to those people described above who have an image similar to that of Brahma. People give him a false respect because they are afraid of being influenced by him. In the same way that Lord Brahma looks for the lower end of the pillar, those kinds of people have a greater tendency to gravitate toward Tamoguna, which is defined as the bottom. Consumption of alcohol, meat, and other foods can be considered an expression of tamogun. They are Rajoguni just like Brahma. The relationship between Rajoguna and Tamogun is more favorable. They are able to access the very lowest realms, also known as chakras, but they are unable to access the Muladhar Chakra, which is the lowest world. This merely indicates that the Kundalini is not awoken at the Muladhara Chakra through the use of these techniques. Even if the Kundalini is only stimulated on the Mooladhara chakra, it will travel all the way up to the Sahasrara chakra, permeating all of the other chakras and realms, and stimulating them as well. On the other hand, this is something that is only possible for tantrics and not for regular people.

Certain members of the society are intricately involved in the provision of services to the general populace. The most important members of this group are the servants and the donors. People who engage in sattvic rituals and the like are also considered to be a part of these. People who practice a wide variety of different forms of mental meditation are also like this. In spite of fact that they are ignorant, they are unable to locate the conclusion of the astrological pillar. Due to the fact that they are Sattvaguni, they progress upwards on the pillar.

There are no mental flaws present within them at all. Ego is also present less frequently in them. They travel to very high abodes or chakras, but they do not make it to the sahasrara, which is the highest abode. This indicates that they are unable to experience the awakening of their Kundalini. After that, Shiva stated that this is the only thing he is aware of. Collectively, he asserted that he is the most significant. It merely indicates that the only people who are capable of awakening their Kundalini are tantric devotees of Shiva.

According to “YatpindeTatbrahmande,” in point of fact, the entire world can be found inhabited within a single human body. A scientific demonstration of the same thing can be found in the book “shareervigyan darshan – ekadhunik Kundalini Tantra (ek yogi kipremkatha),” which is written in Hindi. The numerous upper and lower abodes that are mentioned in the tale are represented by the chakras that can be found along the spine of our bodies.

The spinal cord can be thought of as the light pillar. A shining sensation is another manifestation of this phenomenon. It moves from the Muladhara Chakra, which is the abode at the lowest level, to the Sahasrar Chakra, which is the abode at the highest level. There are many different kinds of homes, or chakras, in between. Linga, Lingam, or Vajra are all forms of its abbreviated name. Because the light emanating column is produced there, that is the most important component of that pillar.


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