5 Amazing Facts You Should Know About Pakistani Dresses

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The Pakistani dresses are extremely popular all over the world. The embellishment, the style, the color combinations and the uniqueness in their traditional outfits make them different from other South Asian attires. People love to have the Pakistani designer dresses due to the fact that these dresses hold the most uniqueness identity in them that is directly related to the culture of Pakistan.

Pakistani dresses

Do you have the complete knowledge about Pakistani dresses???

Pakistani dresses are just not the simple Shalwar Qameez that is worn by its people but it’s far more than that.

If you are looking for the Pakistani dresses the 5 amazing facts that you should know about Pakistani dresses are the following:

1. Traditional dressing:

The Pakistani dressing style goes back to its history and shows the traditional value of the culture, the typical Shalwar Qameez is the traditional dress of Pakistan that is easily available all over the country and its unit price is also quite affordable.

2. Regional attires:

Although Shalwar Qameez Is the traditional dressing of Pakistan but as there are total 5 provinces in the country and each regional attire is different from the other such as the Balochi dressing is different from Sindhi Ajrak, the Punjabi dressing is also different from the attire of Khyber PukhtoonKhwa.

3. Three piece dressing:

The Pakistani ladies dressing include Shalwar, Qameez and Dopatta. These three things made a three piece suit that is highly purchased and worn by the ladies of Pakistan. There are numerous designs that are further seen in this national dressing of Pakistani.

4. Religious point of view:

The three piece dress also relates to the fact that from the religious point of view the ladies of Pakistan needs to cover their heads and bodies properly through their dresses, that is why these dresses are always covered from shoulder to toe.

5. Wedding dresses:

There is a lot of emphasis given to the wedding attire in Pakistan. The heavy embroidered and embellished outfits are the traditional dressing seen in weddings in Pakistan. The bride, groom even the relatives also look for the heaviest dresses and that is why the designers prepare up to these expectations because in Pakistani culture in weddings you definitely need to look trendiest.

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