Advantages of Using a Turnstile gate System for Access Control

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Effective access control systems are critical for the safety and security of various facilities such as office buildings, schools, airports, and stadiums. One of the most commonly used access control systems are turnstile gate. This article will focus on the various advantages of using a turnstile gate system for access control and how it can benefit both the facility and its occupants.

Increased Security:

One of the primary advantages of using a turnstile gate system for access control is that it provides enhanced security measures. Turnstiles function by allowing only one person to enter or exit the facility at a time by requiring an authorized access card or biometric authentication. This prevents unauthorized persons from entering the facility, reducing the risk of theft, vandalism, and other security threats. Moreover, turnstile gates have the capability to integrate with other security systems such as CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television) and alarm systems, ensuring maximum security and monitoring of the facility.

Improved Traffic Management:

Turnstile gates also assist in managing traffic flow efficiently. With the ability to handle a mass influx of people at a given time, turnstiles can reduce waiting times, preventing unnecessary queues, minimizing the risk of overcrowding, and ensuring a smooth flow of people in and out of the facility.


In comparison to other access control systems, turnstile gates are a cost-effective option. They have a relatively lower upfront cost compared to traditional manned security entrances in the long run. Once installed, turnstile gates don’t require any extra operating expenses, requiring minimal maintenance and operational costs, making it an irreplaceable cost-effective solution.

Time and Attendance Management:

Turnstile gates can play a critical role in time and attendance management in addition to access control. They can be configured to maintain track of employee timings, automatically collect attendance data, and even limit access to restricted areas. Having the biometric feature, the gates record accurate in and out times of employees based on their biometric details which eliminates any loopholes of time theft.

Customizable Options:

Turnstile gates come in various customizable designs that cater to a facility’s specific requirements. They come in different types like waist high turnstile, full height, and tripod turnstile, and different configurations to suit the facility’s space, security requirements, and traffic flow. Also, they can be modified with additional features like card readers, facial recognition, voice and gesture recognition to improve the user experience, making them a perfect fit for any facility.


In summary, turnstile gates offer various benefits for facility managers, security personnel, and occupants, making them a popular choice for access control. From enhanced security and traffic management to cost-effectiveness, time, and attendance management, turnstile gates have become crucial for ensuring smooth operations of facilities. It is quintessential for facility managers to assess their unique requirements including space barriers, traffic flow, and security risks to determine the most appropriate type of turnstile to install.


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