A Comprehensive Guide to Gigabyte AORUS Laptops: Which One is Right for You

A Comprehensive Guide to Gigabyte AORUS Laptops


Never before has the market been flooded by so many laptops made by so many manufacturers. Therefore it can be daunting when trying to figure out what is best for you and why.

However, the best way to cut through the fog in the industry is to stamp your authority and let everyone know exactly who you are and what you’re about. Then  DELIVER – Welcome to GIGABYTE AORUS.

AORUS gaming laptops are used by serious professional competition gamers and recreational gamers too. So you have to produce special machines for the pros to take notice, especially with the industry growing and more money coming into the gaming community. 

GIGABYTE AORUS has positioned itself distinctly in the marketplace. We’ll look at some of their machines in this article and see if they fit your needs.  

We’ll cover their lower-level beginner’s options up to their premium pro-level machines. 

Casual gaming – GIGABYTE G5


The GIGABYTE G5 is ideal if you are looking for performance and a machine that can handle all the latest games that come on the market but isn’t going to break the bank.  

The G5 was manufactured primarily to give consumers bang for their buck. So yes, it’s not a premium pro gamers machine, but it’s a lot of fun, and the performance is still top-quality. Ideal for beginners or casual gamer who needs to chill after a hard day’s work. 

You’ve got a 10th Generation Intel Core processor and GeForce RTX 3060 graphics, so RTX ON titles is a given, not bad for the price.  

The cooling factor is now a significant consideration for gamers, which comes with WINFORCE. So you get two fans and four heatpipes in addition to the three large vents that dissipate the heat away from your CPU and GPU. 

Display-wise, you have a 240hz panel. This will cover your NTSC colour gamut to 72%, which equates to 100% sRGB. So as far as vivid visuals go, you’ll get them. The machine also enables you to create content.

For audio, you have Nahimic 3 enhancement. This allows the stereo speakers to deliver crystal clear sound, so it’s a well-rounded machine. 

Super Portable Performance – GIGABYTE AORUS 15G


The original GIGABYTE AORUS 15G was heavy and cumbersome to the gaming community. So, GIGABYTE revamped it and now brings a portable finetuned machine to the market. 

Weighing only 2kg, it can still be configured to the newest GeForce RTX 3080 laptop GPU that will run to 105W. With it being only 23mm thin, this is a portable pocket rocket of a machine and an AORUS laptop to show off to fellow gamers. 

The cooling system is also upgraded with the new GIGABYTE WINDFORCE Infinity system. It also carries two impressive 12V fans and five heatpipes with four vents. The trick they used here was for thermal dissipation to use heatsinks sport copper fins; clever thinking from GIGABYTE. 

So you’ll have no concerns about your hardware lasting for long gaming sessions, all at an optimal level.

And not to be outdone by any other specs, the battery is a whopping 99WHr unit. Plus, you get Microsoft Azure AI; once you look up and understand how to use that for optimisation, you’ll be flying and increasing your battery life!

Serious Gaming – GIGABYTE AORUS 15P


OK, now we move up a level with the AORUS 15P. You can only configure it to GeForce RTX 3070 laptop GPU. Still, it delivers much higher graphics and performance limits with 130W of Dynamic Boost 2.0.  

Therefore your AORUS 15P can get to 1560MHz as standard and even beyond. So you won’t be left wanting a stunning performance. 

When a unit delivers more powerful graphics, it must have a higher-level supporting cast, and this unit certainly does. It comes with thicker heatpipes as there is more heat to dissipate. So the unit weighs a little heavier at 2.2kg and 27mm, so it’s a little bigger, but you get what you pay for. 

You also get a calibrated 240Hz display, covering 72% NTSC. Again, they don’t disappoint with a massive 88Whr battery and Azure AI optimisation options. 

AORUS Ultimate Experience – GIGABYTE AORUS 17G


Now we have reached the pinnacle of the range. The performance between the GIGABYTE AORUS 15G and the GIGABYTE AORUS 17G performance levels are similar. But similar doesn’t account for user experience (UX). 

The GIGABYTE AORUS 17G feels better. It has a 17.3″ panel that hits 300Hz for one of the most fluid and responsive experiences for gamers on the market. 

It also comes equipped with OMRON mechanical keyboard switches, providing 2.5mm of key travel. The audibles are tactile, so you won’t miss any of your keypresses.  

The make-up of the machine is precision-cut aluminium alloy which is attractive to the eye but also robust and sturdy, which also helps keep the components safe within the device when travelling.

The unit weighs 2.7kg and is 26mm thick, making it the world’s lightest and thinnest 17.3″ laptop with a mechanical keyboard, so that’s one to boast about to your fellow gamers.  


GIGABYTE AORUS are vying for the best in the gaming industry. Their research and development have come on leaps and bounds in recent years to produce fine gaming machines. To many, Microsoft Azure AI is setting them apart from many other manufacturers. Its capability of optimising the GPU and CPU performance for individual needs is unique, coupled with the battery power they provide; these are Goldust in the industry. 

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