9 Lesser-Known Onion Oil Benefits for Hair

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The hair care industry is undergoing a massive change. This trend is about switching to natural and toxin-free ingredients that provide long-term hair care benefits. One such trend that is becoming immensely popular nowadays is using sulfur and potassium. Considering onion oil benefits for hair can help you have stronger, longer, shinier, and more moisturized hair- and our hair care experts advise that you join the bandwagon today.

Haircare experts also advise that these onion oil benefits for hair stay there for the long-term and are quite effective. They believe that one may count on a reduction in hair fall and accelerated hair growth rates with a well-advised mode of application. It would also be worthwhile to opt for allied products that work well with this hair oil.

Some of the lesser-known onion oil benefits for hair

Onions are rich in sulfur and potassium, two of the building blocks of our hair. It thus makes perfect sense to know that any product that includes onion as its main ingredient would be rich in sulfur and potassium too. This deal could be made even better by including other natural ingredients that would help boost our hair care experience at home.

Here’s a list of onion oil benefits for hair. You may avail them by using a safe, gentle, pure, and toxin-free onion-based hair oil.

  1. Better hair growth
  2. Stronger hair roots
  3. Moisturized hair follicles
  4. Provides nutrition and nourishment
  5. Reduces frizz
  6. Reduces dryness and dandruff
  7. Improves hair volume and length
  8. Prevents premature graying
  9. Reduce hair fall and hair thinning

It is best to use an onion oil, conditioner, and shampoo from the same brand. This would help provide the best coordination among the products. We would also recommend that you opt for a brand that is certified by a reputed agency like Made Safe or FDA. This would help you get all its benefits, especially with consistent and long-term usage.

Which is the best onion hair oil and shampoo combo in India?

We recommend opting for Mamaearth Onion Hair Oil and Shampoo Combo for the best results. This brand is certified by Made Safe and FDA, and it is thus approved for regular usage. Its shampoo and conditioner combo features Onion Seed Oil, Keratin, Redensyl, and Vitamin E that together offer the following benefits:

  • Boosts hair growth
  • Strengthens and balances scalp
  • Adds strength and shine
  • Reduces hair fall
  • Offers moisturization
  • Reverses premature graying
  • Prevents frequent and excessive hair fall

These benefits will take care of your hair care issues and help you have shiny and stronger hair. We also recommend that you back up the good results with consistent and judicious usage of these natural and toxin-free hair products.

Note: At the same time, we would also advise you to consult a hair care specialist and a dermatologist if you think you have been facing these issues for quite some time. These hair care issues are often caused by issues that are hidden in plain sight, and they may only be treated under professional guidance.

Summing up

You may avail the best hair care experience at home by opting for a safe and gentle hair care product that is certified safe by experts. We thus recommend that you consider onion oil benefits for hair and opt for products that compliment its usage. The key is to stay consistent with its usage and follow healthier lifestyle practices like eating nutritious foods. In addition, staying away from stress and observing proper sleep cycles are equally important.

Note: Mamaearth is Asia’s first Made Safe certified product. It is also a plastic positive brand that recycles more plastic bottles than it uses for manufacturing and processing needs. It also plants a tree for every online order placed successfully, and it has already planted more than 300,000 trees so far in India. This initiative helps make the environment a cleaner and greener place.


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