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WhatsApp is the world’s most popular and influential messaging app. The WhatsApp chatbot has attracted businesses due to its global appeal, vast user base and user-friendly features. Because more than half of WhatsApp users check the app daily, WhatsApp marketing allows you to keep in touch with your target. You may be confident that they will read these communications because they have a 98% open rate. The ultimate goal is for all customers to appreciate this type of interaction. WhatsApp launched a WhatsApp business app as a result of its large user base and popularity. This business app is and will continue to be very beneficial for WhatsApp future business.

12 Must-Know Features of WhatsApp Business

Interactive messages

One of the most user-friendly WhatsApp Business features is interactive communications. This can be used to show buttons as answers to customer questions. As a result, your contacts won’t have to type out their responses, which will speed up the conversation. In addition, customers can be directed to certain websites or phone numbers using call-to-action (CTA) buttons. The interactive message is a feature which enhances user experience and is apt for the WhatsApp future

Labels with contact information

You can organise your relationships or contacts using WhatsApp Business capabilities. This makes it simple to locate customers or business relationships. To create a new label, go to the menu on the chat page, choose New label, and then Save. Next, go to the discussion menu, select a label, and save it to a new WhatsApp Business contact.


Do you have a new line of products? Use WhatsApp Business’s catalogue function to show them off. Rather than exchanging products with their price and description one by one, you can arrange them together in catalogues that include all the necessary information. Customers will be able to see your products without having to visit your website.

Automated Messages

You can use auto-away messages for customers that contact between business hours or on holidays. Go to Settings, Business settings, and Away message to access the Away message. There you can turn on the Away message. You can also select always send, custom schedule, or after work hours to schedule your message in addition to altering it.

Quick Responses

You won’t have to fill out individual responses to some of the most often asked questions if you use rapid responses. “What time does your store open?” is one example. “Do you have any daytime deals?” or “Do you have any daytime deals?” Instead, save the responses and apply them again if a similar question arises. Tap “/” to select the proper response when the platform presents suggestions.

Auto-generated Greetings

Auto greetings is a WhatsApp Business feature that can help your business appear more professional and welcome. You can personalise a welcome message for new users or those who contact you after two weeks on the platform. To set up auto greetings, go to Settings, Business Settings, and Greeting messages.

Setting Away Message

Greeting messages are similar to away messages. They deliver a personalised message to everyone attempting to contact the company after business hours. You can submit a personalised message or your working hours. You may programme them to turn on at a specific time.

Business Profile

Create a business profile for your customers that includes your address, business description, email address, and website. Brands can leverage business accounts to gain a user’s loyalty. A company’s “face” is given to it through a corporate profile “and a sense of self. Having a “Verified”. WhatsApp must verify that this is a verified business account by placing a badge next to your company name.

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