8 Best Vacuum Cleaner Brands Reviews

If you’re in the market for a new vacuum cleaner, it’s important to do your research. You don’t want to spend your money on a vacuum cleaner that won’t suit your needs, or one that will take up too much space in your home. SocialGreg is a company that is well-known for its expertise in social media boosting and services. In this article, we’ll be sharing our personal picks for the 8 best vacuum cleaners on the market today. We’ll also share our reviews of each product, so that you can make an informed decision about which one is best for you. Ready to get started? Let’s go!

Vacuums are getting through the evolution that it is harder and harder to find a great vacuum cleaner these days without cordless. Modern cleaners feature with high-power, high-capacity lithium batteries that enabling to dash around the flat.

It also a challenge task to know which utilities important the most. It is available from bagless upright, canister, robot to specialized for pet hair, long carpets, allergies or even for hardwood floors. Therefore, you not only need to care about the maneuver features of the vacuum but also acknowledge how your home is laid out and how much time you have to clean up.

With vacuums available at price from under $50 to over $1500 and wide range of variety from corded, hand-held, stick, robot, it might a difficult for you to decide the best one for your home. Furthermore, there are diverse manufacturers and a specific model of vacuum cleaner from ANABAS to Eufy to choose from.

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Acknowledge all your concern about, I have compiled the list of best vacuum cleaner brands in terms of specific feature. For each brand, I also recommend one product that I believe is representative. Keep reading for more information!

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Which Brand of Vacuum Cleaner Is the Best?

It comes as a tough question to decide which brand of vacuum cleaner you should pick on the market. Therefore, searching for specific categories might easier for you. Here is summarized information of eight best brand of vacuum cleaners for you.

Best Overall: Dyson

“High-end British vacuum cleaners, comprehensive functions from filter to motor design with 60-minutes running, outstanding cyclonic technology, long-lasting, and user-friendly.”

Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Brand: Shark

“Excellent quality with a unique HEPA filter that offers a wide range of options, bring qualified result, smart design that works well for pet hair, transportation, and allergic person.”

Best Robot Vacuums Cleaner Brand: Roomba

“Comprehensive function that qualifies all needs from autonomic vacuum cleaner: lasers, motherboards, sensors, and Wi-Fi to navigate; unique Dirt Detect Technology.”

Best Canister Vacuums Cleaner Brand: Miele

“Feature C2 Electro for extra controlling power level, high-quality floorhead, flexibility height-adjustment; unique cannister design with quiet operation.”

Best Budget-Friendly Vacuum Cleaner Brand: Hoover

“This worldwide brand feature special floor sense technology and wind tunnel surge, super affordable price, maneuverability, various options of tools included.”

Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Brand: Black + Decker

“Produce ultimate and all-purpose hand vacuums, lithium long battery with cyclonic action, lightweight, washable dirt bowl and filter, and pull-out crevice tool.”

Best Bagged Vacuum Cleaner Brand: Oreck Commercial

“Establishing more than 60 years with unique Microsweep technology, permanent belt, high-quality top-fill inner bag, comfortable handling, affordable price.”

Best Stick Vacuum Cleaner Brand: Bissell

“Specialize in bagless cleaning technology, especially works on a hard floor and around furniture, pet-friendly, affordable and versatile.”

Vacuum Cleaner Brands Comparison Chart 2021

Acknowledge your concern, I have compiled some basic information from eight top brands of vacuum cleaners for you.






Dyson – Best Overall



V10 digital motor

5.88 pounds

Shark – Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Brand



DuoClean and ZeroM

17.1 pounds

Roomba – Best Robot Vacuums Cleaner Brand



40x Suction of 3-stage cleaning, automatically recharges, and intelligent navigation

8.15 pounds

Miele – Best Robot Vacuums Cleaner Brand



1200-W Miele-Made Vortex Motor

18.7 pounds

Hoover – Best Budget-Friendly Vacuum Cleaner Brand

The US


FloorSense technology

18.6 pounds

Black&Decker – Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Brand

The US


Lithium ion cordless power

2.6 pounds

Oreck Commercial – Best Bagged Vacuum Cleaner Brand

The US


Exclusive helping hand handle

9 pounds

Bissell – Best Stick Vacuum Cleaner Brand

The US


Swivel steering

7.5 pounds

Best Vacuum Cleaner Brands Reviews 2021

Even though acknowledge the worthy vacuum cleaner brand, it is still a difficult decision to decide which vacuum standing out for you. Therefore, I not only give must-known information about each vacuum brand but also an outstanding product of each brand for your convenience.

Scold down for more helpful information!

1. Dyson

(Best Overall)

Dyson is a British technology that establishes since 1991. As the vacuum cleaner is an original product, it has currently developed in over 65 countries around the world. It is a specialized manufacturer of household appliances such as vacuum cleaners, hand dryers, hairdryers, air purifies.

Dyson is a high-end vacuum cleaner that uses cyclonic technology enabling the air inside of the cleaner to spin at very high speed. Therefore, it is superior in removing dust, allergens, and other particles from the air.

Furthermore, Dyson products include all advanced of one vacuum needed: advance filter, quality motor, user-friendly design, easily cleaner, and long-lasting. It also features a wide range of types from handheld to canister vacuum cleaners.

Recommend products: Cyclone V10 Absolute Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum

Shop now at Amazon

If you don’t have a tight budget, this is a must for you. This lightweight and versatile vacuum is a predecessor with up to 77 liters volume, three power modes, torque drive cleaner head, and of course, it is signature V10 digital motor.

Advanced with 14 concentric cyclones, you can clean up to 60 minutes run when using a non-motorized tool. Cyclone V10 also comes with a soft woven nylon roller cleaner head for extra protect hard floors yet anti-static carbon fiber filaments efficiently remove fine dust.

Moreover, it can transform into handheld, drop-in docking with three types available: motorhead, animal, and absolute.

Product Specifications




5.88 lbs


Up to 60 minutes

Bin size

77 liters

Cleaner head

Torque drive cleaner and soft roller cleaner head

Tool include



Cord-free versatility

Had three power suits any task on any type of floor

Lightweight yet strongest in cleaning (spin at up to 125,000rpm)

Available LCD display

Superior cleaning heads



If you want to compare all Dyson V10 with detailed information, check this link right now and decide which one to choose:

Watch video: What We Dislike about the Dyson V10

2. Shark

(Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Brand)

Although Shark hasn’t well-known as Dyson or Vax, it is deserved to recognize as an excellent brand producing vacuum cleaner. Shark specializes in upright and sticks vacuum that offers a wide range of proprietary features such as Lift-Away, DuoClean, TruePet.

Shark vacuum cleaners are held by SharkNinja Operating LLC. With unique anti-allergen complete seal and a HEPA filter, Shark vacuum cleaner effectively works in any carpet and solid surfaces.

If you want more affordable options for vacuum cleaners than Dyson, Shark is a great choice with similar suction strength and features.

Recommend product: Shark APEX Upright with DuoClean

Shop now at Amazon

This amazing vacuum cleaner features three types of powered lift-away: power lift-away, upright, and above-floor mode. Shark has special DuoClean Technology with a dual brush roll system. It allows vacuum cleaner removing not only both large debris and smaller particles but also pet hair.

The Zero M motorized tool perfectly works for pet hair, upholstery, and stairs. Moreover, with a 30-foot long cord dust canister, it can reach dust under low furniture without constantly changing your plug.

Product Specifications




17.1 lbs



Bin size

1.5 quarts

Cleaner head

Dual brush roll

Tool include



Cordless vacuum with Shark’s HEPA filter that great for keeping allergens out of the air

Unique design for flexible cleaning

Powered lift-way with three ways

Great for pet hair


Might be noisy

Still wondering that this Shark DuoClean vacuum is worth or not, this video will give you honesty review about this amazing product:

Watch video: Is the Shark – Apex Zero M Worth it?

3. Roomba

(Best Robot Vacuums Cleaner Brand)

iRobot is one of the leading manufacturers of robot vacuum cleaners in the world. Roomba is a series of autonomous robotic vacuum cleaners sold by iRobot.

With modern technology such as lasers, motherboards, sensors, or even Wi-Fi to navigate, a robot vacuum is the most convenient option of vacuum on the market. If you don’t want to suffer the indignity of dragging around your vacuum, Roomba will not let you down.

Roomba features the smart navigation and Dirt Detect Technology that allow cleaning in a 3-stage system, automatically rechange, and imprint link technology. You can clean your floors from anywhere, anytime with deep-clean results.

Recommend product: Roomba S9+ Robot Vacuum with Automatic Dirt Disposal

Shop now at Amazon

This flawless vacuum cleaner is recognized by Forbes as “the greatest automatic vacuum cleaner ever created.” It included all supreme features that one vacuum cleaner can have: self-cleaning, deep clean, good battery, smart mapping.

Roomba s9+ empties by its thanks to Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal. With up to 40x suction and corner brushes, you will surprise how your house looks clean even on carpet and along edges.

Featuring with high-quality filter traps, this vacuum cleaner works efficiency of removing mold, pollen, and dust mite allergens. Moreover, the vSLAM navigator technology and Imprint Smart Mapping enable the capacity of over 230,400 data points and high-quality of navigator.

Product Specifications




8.2 lbs.


4x suction

Bin size

Automatically self-cleaning

Cleaner head

Dual Multi Surface Rubber Brushes

Tool include

Imprint Smart Mapping and iAdapt 2.0 with vSLAM technology navigation.


Comprehensive function that qualifies all needs from autonomic vacuum cleaner

High-quality auto-refilling bin



Long charging time

If you want to acknowledge more why I love this supreme robot vacuum cleaner, check this link!

Watch video: iRobot Roomba s9 Review

4. Miele

(Best Canister Vacuums Cleaner Brand)

This German manufacturer is specialized in high-end home appliance products with the slogan “Forever Better”. With experience over 110 years ago, you can believe in the durable, maneuverable feature of Miele’s vacuum cleaners.

Most of Miele vacuum cleaners are cannister style, which is suitable for carrying upstairs or rolling downstairs. With 1200-W Miele-Made Vortex Motor and Electro Plus Floorhead, Miele vacuum cleaner powerfully clean all your dust in any carpet in the five-level height of adjustment.

Miele produces its unique compact C2 Electro that enables comfortable increasing power efficiency to the selected power level.

Finally, you will surprise about its special quiet operation and long-lasting up to 20 years.

Recommend product: Miele Compact C2 Electro+ Canister Vacuum

Shop now at Amazon

This outstanding vacuum cleaner uses the air clean sealed system with 1,100W power consumption. Besides including all advance from Miele vacuum family, it has a special 6 stage Rotary Dial in suction control for effective cleaning and silence motor.

Moreover, this comes with SBB Parquet-3 pure suction floorhead that protects the carpet and hard floor as well as suck up all dust and dirt in its path. Additionally, the Compact C2 Electro+ comes standard with three accessories: dusting brush, upholstery tool, and crevice tool.

For allergy sufferers, Miele Compact C2 Electro+ features AirClean Sealed System and HEPA Filter.

Product Specifications




18.7 lbs.



Bin size

3.5. Seb228 Electro+

Cleaner head

Electro Plus Floorhead

Tool include



Have quiet operation

Durable and long-lasting

Easy suction control options


Superior filtration and sealed systems


Might need to purchase performance pack such as air clean filter and brush

Here is an unboxing tutorial that giving closer look for you. Don’t hesitate to check it out!

Watch video: Miele Compact C2 Electro+ Unboxing

5. Hoover

(Best Budget-Friendly Vacuum Cleaner Brand)

The Hoover Company founded in the US then has developed in the UK, Chinese, and Hongkong. Specializing in floorcare, Hoover vacuum cleaner is famous for its reasonable price yet great quality.

The Hoover React line features floor sense technology and multi-cyclonic technology that automatically adjusts brush roll speed with no loss of suction.

If you are on a budget but still want to own high-quality vacuum cleaners with advanced features, don’t hesitate to research for Hoover.

Recommend product: React Powered Reach Plus Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Shop now at Amazon

This might consider the most comprehensive vacuum cleaner of Hoover products. Besides its signature function of FloorSense and Multi-Cyclonic Technology, it has WindTunnel Surge that designed to capture dirt, dust, and pet hair.

It also comes with an extended lead and extra tools, which enables flexible reaching any furniture. Furthermore, Hoover claims Hoover Tested for Paws and Claws and Sealed Allergen system.

Product Specifications




18.6 lbs.


30ft power cord

Bin size

0.24 gallons

Cleaner head

Floor Sense Technology Floorhead

Tool include





Special floor sense technology and wind tunnel surge

Wide range of tools included


Not durable and last-long

Want to see more why this vacuum is worthy with affordable price? Click this link and you will understand:

Watch video: Hoover REACT Powered Reach Premier Pet 3 in 1 Upright Vacuum

6. Black + Decker

(Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Brand)

There is a deficiency if mentioning about hand-held vacuums without Black&Decker. You easily find Black&Deck vacuum cleaners in any ranking chart about hand-held vacuums. Their iconic

Bostbuster line, Black and Decker produce ultimate and all-purpose hand vacuums.

The most noticeable function s that 20V MAX*Flex Vacuum with lithium long battery life that charge for up to 18 months. It also easy to empty and washable.

If you search for lightweight, small and easy to transport from your house to your car or anywhere, you should go for Black&Decker vacuum cleaners.

Recommend product: Black + Decker CHV1410L Lithium Cordless Dust Buster

Shop now at Amazon

This cordless lithium ion hand vacuum is outstanding due to its strong suction and fade-free powder. Smart Charge Technology allows less energy consumption up to 50 percent. With amazing slim nozzle, this vacuum cleaner enables flexible applications from removing, washing to handling.

The other plus point is a translucent bagless dirt bowl that visible and easily replaceable. It has a long-lasting battery life up to 18 months yet require charge duration just for four hours.

Product Specifications




2.6 lbs.



Bin size

20.6 ounces

Cleaner head

Flip up brush

Tool include

Creative tool


Feature more suction than any other handheld vacuum


Long-lasting battery

Easily empty and wash

Sleek design


Battery is not a user-replaceable item

Want to see more how this outstanding handheld vacuum rotates 180? This video will give full detailed information from unboxing, installation, and even cleaning. Check it out!

Watch video: BLACK + DECKER CHV1410L 16 volt Lithium Cordless Dust Buster Hand Vac

7. Oreck Commercial

(Best Bagged Vacuum Cleaner Brand)

Oreck is established in the US since 1963, which produces cleaning appliances from vacuum to air purifiers for more than 60 years.

Oreck is famous for its lightweight yet powerful vacuum cleaners at affordable prices. If you want to find a high-quality bagged vacuum cleaner, Oreck will be a top choice.

All of Oreck bagged vacuum cleaners are featuring with Microsweep technology and side edge brushes that maximizing the ability of cleaning. Oreck vacuum also comes with a disposable top-fill inner bag and permanent belt.

This lightweight vacuum cleaner brand brings extra comfort when cleaning thanks to an exclusive helping hand handle, which has received Ease-of-Use Commendation from Arthritis Foundation.

Recommend product: Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS8

Shop now at Amazon

This is a best-seller product of Oreck Commercial. With rave reviews from customers, it is extremely durable, lightweight and easy to use. Having both side edge brushes and high-speed roller brush, you don’t have to worry about dust in tight spots and under furniture.

Besides high-quality signature fill bag design, this Oreck vacuum thoughtfully design with non-marring bumper and cord length to 35 feet.

The reason for rave review because of its 12-inch-wide cleaning path that saves more space and works effectively on low pile carpets. In addition, it comes with on/off switch handgrip and automatic floor adjustment that keep your holding hand comfortable after long hours.

Product Specifications




9 lbs.


6,500 RPM

Bin size

630 cubic inches

Cleaner head

Non-marring bumpers

Tool include




Flexible and comfortable handling

Long warranties

Tend to last longer than bagless vacuums


Might need to change belt bag every year

Check this link to know more about Oreck XL Commercial Vacuum! This video will give you full look of testing and reviewing of this vacuum cleaner:

Watch video: Oreck XL Commercial Vacuum Review

8. Bissell

(Best Stick Vacuum Cleaner Brand)

Known as Bissell Homecare, this brand is the number one manufacturer of floor care products in North American. If you have a tight budget yet want a vacuum that produces smooth cleaning on a hard floor, Bissell products are for you.

Additionally, Bissell offers a variety of options of vacuum specialized at cleaning pet hair and waste that easy-to-empty bagless cleaning technology. With a reasonable price, a Bissell vacuum cleaner is a smart choice for you.

Recommend product: Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hardwood Floor Bagless Cleaner, 81L2A Stick Vacuum

Shop now at Amazon

This sleek vacuum cleaners are standing out with the unique V shape suction. This allows not only effective swivel steering to clean around furniture but also versatile moving to remove large and small debris.

With rubber squeegees, Bissell 81L2A easily collects dry pet messes or hair pet even on hardwood more than normal suction alone. You also don’t have to worry about cleaning part due to Bissell’s bagless cleaning technology.

Product Specifications




5.8 lbs.



Bin size


Cleaner head

Motorized brush

Tool include

Integrated crevice tool


Work smoothie on hard floor

Especially pet-friendly


Easily to transport and carry


Might not long-lasting

Wondering why this vacuum receiving a lot of rave reviews? Check it out and you will understand!

Watch video: Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Corded Vacuum 81L2A Full Review


What type of vacuum cleaner I should choose?

A bagged or a bagless vacuum cleaner is better?

What I should consider when buying a vacuum cleaner?

What is the difference between an upright vacuum cleaner and a stick/pole vacuum cleaner?

How do I know that handheld vacuum cleaners have great cleaning ability or not?

Buying Guide

1. Type of Vacuum Cleaner

There are three main types of vacuum cleaner: upright, cylinder, and cordless. Most of upright vacuum cleaners are suitable for larger homes. Cylinder is traditional styles with flexible hoses and affordable price. Cordless vacuum is the most popular type of cleaners nowadays due to its lightweight, transformation.

You should also consider bagged or bagless vacuums. You will need to buy ongoing replacements with bagged vacuums. With bagless option, it might be messy to empty despite of no ongoing costs.

Robot vacuum is definitely the most advancing option for people who are not having time for cleaning every day. However, it will not the best option for you if you want a vacuum cleaner with high cleaning power.

2. Tools and Accessories

Most vacuum cleaners feature a basic combination floor head such as spinning brush bars, powder turbo brushes. Depending on your house surface and how thick your carpets are, you should consider variable suction, position of controls, filters, ease of use.

3. Energy Label

This is a part that many people forget to check before buying. Energy label will show how energy efficient, which relating to your vacuum’s performance, dust emissions, and noise and durability restrictions.


Vacuum cleaners become more and more diversified in terms of type, design, material, and function. Therefore, searching for a trustworthy brand to find the right one for you might be an easier task. Apart from some brands I recommend above, you can also consider the Tineco, Moosoo, Dirt Devil, or INSE vacuum cleaners.

Making sure that you research how your vacuum picks up dirt, debris as well as maneuver, quiet operation features. Moreover, acknowledge your house and your priority such as pet-friendly, safety for allergy person. With a wide range available price from under $50 to over $1,500, make sure that your investment is worthy.

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