5 Portable Health Gadgets That Can Improve Your Life

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We have all heard about how smartphones, tablets, computers and other devices have a bad effect on our health. But there are also gadgets that are useful and even portable. In this article, we will consider several such devices.

Top 5 Healthy Gadgets

Here is the list of five portable health gadgets:

Upright GO 2

Let’s start with a gadget that monitors posture so that it always remains even, because even posture is the key to the health of the entire human body. Many people suffer from back pain these days. Often the reason is a long pastime at the computer. For some, work is connected with the PC, so it’s just not possible to refuse it. But there is also a way out of this situation – Upright GO 2.

This gadget is a corrector with compact dimensions, which is attached to the back and is characterized by silent operation. The device vibrates when the user needs to level. The downside of Upright GO 2 is the inability to use the gadget while playing sports. But it has more advantages. For example, compactness, reliable fixation and the ability to control from a smartphone through special software.

Apple Watch

The Apple company has repeatedly stated that thanks to the wearable gadget, it was possible to provide timely assistance and save a person’s life. The watch was able to detect atrial fibrillation in a man, identified the fall of a man and called 911, and also contacted emergency services after its owner lost consciousness.

These are just a few cases that have been reported recently. As you can see, gadgets can be beneficial to health, and not just harm it. Of course, despite all the benefits, we do not recommend completely relying on them. If you feel unwell, it is recommended to consult a doctor, even if the device shows that you are all right.

However, if you are a tech lover, you must get smartwatches. Other than Apple’s smartwatch, you can also consider buying Huawei smartwatches as these are equally good and a little cheaper. So check Huawei GT 3 pro price online and get it today.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, pulse oximeters, devices that can measure oxygen levels in the blood, have become very popular. In 2020, wearable gadgets with the function of a pulse oximeter began to appear. One of them is Xiaomi Mi Band 5.

Of course, there are many other SpO2 sports bracelets on the market, but this model is one of the most popular in the world and at the same time it is inexpensive. Together with the ability to determine the level of blood oxygen saturation, Xiaomi Mi Band 3 can perform sleep monitoring and calculate heart rate.

The fitness tracker has water protection and 11 training modes. The gadget is compatible with Apple smartphones and Android devices. The model is also offer in a modification with an NFC chip.

Nokia BPM Blood Pressure Monitor

HMD Global also decided to release a gadget that will be useful for those who are trying to monitor their health. It is called Nokia BPM and is a smart blood pressure monitor. The device boasts accurate sensors and high-quality assembly. The model is compatible with smartphones running iOS and Android operating systems. Management is done through software.

With Nokia BPM, you can quickly track your blood pressure. To monitor the dynamics, you need to install the Health Mate application. The software systematizes all the received data and provides indicators of systolic and diastolic pressure along with heart rate.

Xiaomi Mi Home iHealth Thermometer

Xiaomi also did not forget to introduce a healthy gadget. In this case, we are talking about the Mi Home iHealth Thermometer thermometer, with which you can measure body temperature remotely. Non-contact use is one of the advantages, along with accuracy and safety, which a mercury thermometer cannot boast.

Xiaomi Mi Home iHealth Thermometer works at a distance of up to 3 cm. The device is CDFA certified. It indicates that the device meets the requirements for medical equipment. The disadvantage of the gadget is that it can be discharged.

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