5 Fun Activities to Do On A Rio De Janeiro Beach

Activities to Do On A Rio De Janeiro Beach

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Rio de Janeiro is one of the top tourist destinations to enjoy your vacation. The city is rich with tradition, tourist visiting spots, and peaceful beaches. The beaches in Brazil Rio de Janeiro have the most captivating and vibrant coastline that instantly mesmerizes people with its natural beauty.

Once you set your sights on the white sand, lazily swinging palm trees, and majestic mountains looming in the background, you will prefer to spend your entire vacation on the Rio de Janeiro beach. That’s why Kings Hotel in Rio des Flores is the best place to make your home on this vacation.

Therefore, on your next trip to Rio de Janeiro, you must write down visiting the Rio de Janeiro beach in your touring itinerary. P.S. Don’t forget to pack sunscreen.

5 Fun Ways to Stay Out in Sun on Beaches in Rio De Janeiro

Just because you are spending a lot of time on a beach doesn’t mean you can’t have a blast. Take a look at all the exciting activities you can do at Rio de Janeiro beaches.

Costa Verde is the famous Brazilian coastline that mainly runs through Rio de Janeiro. This coastline is home to dolphins. You can book a tour and look for dolphins in the Atlantic Ocean. You can also swim with dolphins.

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There is no need to disrupt your exercise routine because you can work out on a Rio de Janeiro beach. Beaches in Rio de Janeiro are set with exercise stations to allow locals and tourists to work out for free.

 So, you can keep your muscle toned while also getting a natural tan. And if you feel too hot and sweaty, take a dip in the calm Copacabana waters to shake off muscle fatigue.

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When you are vacationing in Rio de Janeiro, there is no need to stick to everyday tourist activities. Sightseeing and visiting carnivals are essential things to do in Rio. Instead of following every tourist’s footsteps, you should go for a hike on the famous Ipanema Beach. 

On the right side of this beach, you will see the two significant hills. These are Dois Irmãos or also known as “two brothers.” From the top of these mountains, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Ipanema Beach, the Lagoa, the Christ, the Sugar Loaf, Niteroi, and the entire northern part of the city.

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There is no point in going to a beach in Rio if you don’t plan to indulge in a self-tanning session. Pack your sunscreen and lounging chair, and get ready for a day lazing on the shoreline. 

Even though sunbathing is the most common thing people do on a beach, there is only one Rio de Janeiro beach that allows topless sunbathing.

 If you like to sunbathe without a top on, you can find the nudist beach in the far west part of the city.

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Due to the many beaches in Rio de Janeiro, people are pretty fond of surfing. You can rent a surfboard to enjoy riding on the exotic waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

However, if you do not know how to surf, you can take surfing lessons. The surfing lessons are fun to take, and you will become a surfing pro in no time.

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The Best Beaches in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro has more than 2000 beaches, and there is no way you can visit them all. Therefore, you need to spend your vacation time visiting only the best beaches of Rio, which are:

Copacabana Beach

Copacabana is one of the best beaches in Rio de Janeiro. It stretches for 4 KM and is divided into multiple sections. This beach is the right spot to enjoy the local life of living on the seaside of Rio. You can host beach and water sports, kiosks, or participate in spontaneous parties.

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Ipanema Beach

Ipanema beach is another iconic spot in Rio. This beach is a perfect blend of urban and rural lifestyles. The nearby hotels that present direct views of the beach and the “two brothers” offer tourists to relax and satisfy their wild streak. Ipanema beach has volleyball nets, tennis courts, and shaded sun loungers for tourists and locals.

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Joatinga Beach

Joatinga beach allows you to enjoy the seawater and sun without dealing with city crowds. It is a secluded beach that is only accessible during the low tide. This beach is 300 meters long with azure color water, perfect for surfing and bodyboarding.

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The Best Place to Stay Near the Rio de Janeiro Beach

The perfect way to experience the beauty of Rio de Janeiro beaches is by staying in a hotel that offers a direct view of the ocean. Rio das Flores is a small and pleasant city located in the southeast of Rio de Janeiro. It is home to various historical landmarks and beautiful beaches


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Kings Boutique Hotel is in the center of this historic and religious city. It provides free wi-fi and gym services to all its guests. Moreover, it has a pool area, in-house restaurants, and a high-fidelity Bose sound system for parties.

 You can also stay at the Fazenda União, and a mansion converted into a guesthouse. But comparing this with the Kings hotel, it lacks certain facilities. Its location is also far from the city center.

Final Words

Rio de Janeiro is a fantastic vacation spot to distress from your daily life. Therefore, living in Rio des Flores gives you the perfect opportunity to enjoy the festivities while staying away from the main hustle-bustle.

Want to book a room with a perfect beach view at affordable rates? Book a room in Kings Boutique Hotel to enjoy the perks at a reasonable price.

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