5 Family Living Room Ideas for the Whole Household

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Do you need a kid-friendly living space? Then you are in the right place. More than often I have seen people worry over the fact of not having enough space and time for the kids. While technology made our lives easier, it also created distances within a household. Whether you are old or young, family time lets you bond with one another. Maybe that’s the reason you bought a home in DHA in Bahawalpur to upgrade the living style but still keep the family bond intact. 

The first reception for a home is a living room. But it can be occupied on guests’ arrival by making kids run into their rooms. So if you want more than one dedicated living space for an entire household, I have come up with unique ideas to do so. 

5 Family living room ideas 

To avoid the clutter, and give breathing space to every family member here are a few nominal ideas you will like and inspire. 

1- Built-in storage 

Nothing makes a mom feel better than avoiding the messy living room in the first place. What if a guest arrives without calling first? It’s hard to keep the living room space clean and tidy at all times since it is a shared space for all family members. 

A small storage solution is the best way to get rid of the mess quickly. Often designers opt for built-in cabinetry to the TV frame or a sideboard with an open shelf. It allows the younger family members to play nearby but it also doesn’t compromise the living room decor. 

With a small living room, built-in storage is a great addition to maximize the limited space. 

2- Family room in the kitchen 

For more open living room ideas, consider turning the kitchen space into a large family room. It’s exactly like an open kitchen with an adjoining living room. This way the family living room feels more relaxed and generally is near the kitchen. 

You can spend more time with family members while working in the kitchen. A large kitchen or an informal breakfast area also works. However, you need to come up with a unique layout design to make the use of space in the most functional way. 

After school, or work everyone can relax and enjoy quality family time while accommodating meals. 

3- Seating styles variety 

Planning a seating room is not that hectic but when it comes to choosing the furniture take your time. Variety is the key to keeping the living room more lively and accommodating to the family members. 

You will need different styles of seating like sofas and lounge chairs. These are the two most common and obvious choices but it’s also good to have a couple of smaller upright chairs. Not everyone likes to sink into a low deep sofa. 

Another suitable option is to add a higher coffee table and tuck a pair of ottomans underneath the table. Ottomans are easily portable and act as extra seating in the living room. 

4- Corner sofa for kids 

Living room space is for everyone. So it’s time to go big with the sofa ideas. Usually, a focal point in the living room is the TV but you can always add a corner sofa for the kids. It’s a contemporary choice that fits the modern look of the house. 

The L-shaped arrangement is highly accommodating for people to sit straight or comfortably curl up. Kids can sprawl or play around the corner sofa with ease and do not have to worry about spilling anything in the center of the living room. 

You can also add beautifully accented pillows on the corner sofa for a lovely touch. 

5- A snug play area 

If you want to make a certain space for a relaxing and informal setting, consider designing a living room that can be converted into a playroom too. Or at least a part of it. 

The idea is to create a sort of ante-chamber with a space with sliding doors that adjoins the main living room. It can be closed off or kept open at will. You can even add the corner sofa here and install a small screen for the PlayStation. 

Or if you want to make it cozier, add a floor lamp with a reading chair. 


When designing the living room, make the most out of it. The design should offer comfort and space for everyone within the family. If the place is congested use minimal design and fewer walls but a more spacious floor design. Try these tips to accommodate everyone. 


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