5 Effective Tips On How To Shoot Good Product Videos

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When it comes to shooting good product videos, several techniques are used. One needs the proper gear for the perfect shot, which includes – a good lighting area, cinematic techniques used by the professionals, and the camera. An experienced video production house in Delhi is sure to make use of them. Furthermore, the customers who view the product video find it much more engaging. It is because the video can showcase a product from different angles, which the photo cannot depict.

Meanwhile, the camera should be able to achieve a good product shot. However, you don’t have to spend much to get a perfect shot. You can achieve the same within a small budget. Explore the best tv internet bundles available all over USA by calling us today.

Do you want to make your product videos look like professional ones? Don’t worry! You just have to follow the tips shared here.

5 Tips on How to Shoot Good Product Videos

Are you ready to shoot good product videos? Follow the tips that will help you become a pro in product videography. Secondly, it is all under your preferred budget.

Setting your camera

Talking about the product videography, the first and foremost thing to understand is how you set your camera. We are not saying to buy a Mark 5 category camera to shoot product videos, but a normal one will do. For this purpose, you can use the tripod stand, which helps in stabilising the videography. Furthermore, camera movement is important, along with high frame rates. Shooting at 60 FPS will make the video smoother; however, at 24FPS, you can get a Hollywood movie style effect. It is up to you how you want to shoot, then re-edit the video in post-processing.

The background matters

When you are shooting an object, the first thing to do is to make sure of the background. You may have a good lighting source for the area. However, a bad background can ruin your video. Secondly, make sure that the background colour doesn’t mix with the product. You won’t be able to differentiate the foreground from the background. In addition to this, the lighting needs to be focusing on the object.

Lighting is more important

Shooting a product video doesn’t need a factory of lighting equipment. However, to make the product look good in the video, the focus angle of the lighting, mixing well with the background, should be good. Some professionals at recording studios in south Delhi make use of items – light diffusion curtains, softbox for the light focus, and much more. Want to give yourself a pro DIY tech? You can build light mount points from old unused household items. Such lighting effects will give your product a better and more dynamic look in the video.

Focus on the product detail

We talked about setting up the camera and making the background contrast with the product and lighting.  Now it is time to look forward to the product detailing. You already have the best light sources to give a sparkle to your product video. Adding a swivel effect to the light will help in revealing the product’s details. You can use the pan and zoom technique to shoot the video. Every good video production house in Delhi uses such techniques. It is a mix of many effects, and the outcome is a superb product video.

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The final cut and editing

Post-processing, what we call it, is the fun part of shooting product videos. Well, not only fun but that is the best part too. You have to add final touches to the video, editing with the colour correction, effects, and much more. You may have taken several short clips. Now, add them up synchronised with the background audio. If this product video is an ad video, the customers would love to engage with it.

Ending thoughts

There you have it. We have shared the top 5 tips on how to shoot a perfect product video. You bring the best equipment within your budget, add lighting effects, background score, and voila, it is done. You have become a professional at a recording studio in south Delhi. Go and gain more customers and sell your product in numbers.


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