3 Easy Ways to Jump-Start Your Day for Maximum Productivity

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Productivity is more than just walking around and getting things done.  It’s even more than thinking through things or being proactive in self-care.  To reach maximum productivity, you have to set yourself up for success as well as change your mindset.

This is no easy task when everything around us is absolutely insane, the news is constantly dark and full of negativity, and there’s still a constant blend between work life and home life. Here we’re going to cover some helpful ways to jump start your day so that you can reach your maximum productivity!

1 . Have a Morning Routine

One of the best ways to start your day is to follow your morning ritual or routine.  From cleaning your face to brushing your teeth, each of those actions fit into your morning.  When you follow habits that lead to the idea of getting going, this gears your mind towards the idea of, “Hey, it’s time to start the day!”. 

2 . Food and Drink

There’s something soothing about reaching into your coffee jar, scooping out the grounds, and brewing coffee in whatever method works best.  If you don’t have a coffee jar just yet, check out this Caffeine Craze coffee jar review

There are many ways to easily boost your coffee, breakfast, or anything else that you like to eat or drink in the morning.  Here are a few ways that you can boost your foods to help you start your day right.


Ancient Chinese Medicine focuses on energizing the body and balancing the body.  In many recipes, curatives, and tinctures, ginseng is a primary ingredient.  Because it is something that stimulates the body, you should check with your doctor before adding it to your daily routine.  From personal experience, Ginseng acts much like a natural energy drink without the sugar crash.

You can either purchase Ginseng from your local Asian market or purchase it online.  The tastiest additions are usually a honey water tincture which you can sip on all day.  Otherwise, you can add ginseng concentrate to your coffee, water, or even a hot cereal.

Lemon Cucumber Water

Citrus fruits are a great way to add vitamin C into your day and help detox the body.  Throw in a few cucumbers and you have nutritious water with minerals and vitamins to help boost your day.

There are two kinds of ways you can make infused water: blend a skinned lemon and a cucumber together then add water or slice up the cucumber and lemon and add to water.  You can even freeze the lemon and cucumber for an infusion that lasts at least half a day!

Bulletproof Coffee

There are many ways to make bulletproof coffee.  Generally speaking, there are two big additions that might throw you off: butter or MCT oil and collagen.  Don’t judge it just yet!

You will need a coffee blender or froth maker because this will help blend the fat (butter or oil) and the collagen into the coffee.  For bulletproof coffee, it is very important to have both the fat and the collagen as the two mix in more evenly when they are used together.

What is the draw of bulletproof coffee? Even if you don’t eat breakfast, it is incredibly important to start your day with some sort of nutrition.  Whether or not you eat breakfast in the morning, bulletproof coffee has some serious benefits.

The protein from the collagen is great for your joints and skin, the coffee has just as many antioxidants as a handful of berries, and the fats are long-term energy to keep you going all day.  Plus, if you add some stevia, the bullet proof coffee tastes absolutely luxurious!

3 . Morning Activity

One of the most underrated things regarding jump starting your day is morning activity.  If you go to any sort of fitness site, most suggestions are gong to be go for a run, try some HIIT workouts, or just straight up go to the gym.  While each of those suggestions are great for someone who is already deep in their fitness journey or trying to lose weight quickly, it isn’t a sustainable habit if your goal is not ultimate fitness.

Instead, try taking a thirty-minute walk at a pace where you can still talk.  Or try fifteen to thirty minutes of gentle yoga, stretching, or Pilates.  Adding these simple but effective movements into your day helps wake up your body gently, but effectively which helps keep your metabolism and energy going all day.


If you are ready to start your day with more energy, then it is time to try some new drinks and foods, as well as new habits.  Always start your day with a routine and you will find that success and energy are much more prevalent in your life.


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