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YouTube marketing can be difficult if you are new to YouTube and want to gain subscribers, likes, and views quickly. Many brands, businesses, and individuals use YouTube to create content for promoting their businesses, while individuals mostly use YouTube to make money through sharing singing, dancing, travel, and DIYs videos. They mainly earn through ads clicking per person.

There are many ways of promoting your YouTube channel that fast. Efficient and effective. These methods are aimed at helping you to grow your account in terms of views, likes, and subscribers. The importance of YouTube promotion is to save you the time that you would otherwise use waiting for your channel to grow in numbers. The following are the 15 best ways to promote your YouTube channel to get more likes, views, and subscribers.

1. Create engaging content.

When you plan to create content, make sure you create content around a particular exciting content that people can want to ask questions about or anticipate for the following video. Some exciting areas are fashion, cooking, beauty, celebrity gossip, and travel. These topics are very engaging and fun to watch. This will drive more people to subscribe and like your videos.

2. Create quality videos.

Creating high-quality videos is key to getting more subscribers, likes, and views. The video should have a good picture quality, with a good combination of colors, to make the video interesting to watch. To create quality videos, you should invest in a good camera, ring light, and editing features such as filters, cutting, and brightness.

3. Make videos frequently.

Many people will subscribe and view more of your YouTube videos if you post the videos frequently. When people notice that you usually post videos almost daily, they will subscribe to your channel to get updated every time you post a new video. This will increase the number of views, subscribers, and likes on your channel.

4. Optimize your YouTube videos.

Optimizing your YouTube video involves using a good description and adding relevant tags, such as #Natural hair or #Chicken recipe. This will help the audience know your video’s meaning before they watch it. If you have a good description, many people will click on your videos, hence more likes, subscribers and views.

5. Use striking headlines.

This is an excellent way to promote your video for more subscribers, likes, and views since most people usually look at the headline before watching it. Many people will watch the video if the headline is striking and exciting.

6. Partner with other YouTube creators.

Partnering with other YouTube content creators will expose you to their fan base. Their fans will know you are also a YouTube content creator, so check out your channel. There is a high possibility that you will gain more subscribers, likes, and views if you partner with and tag each other in the videos.

7. Social media promotion services.

Social media promotion services have also proven beneficial for YouTube promotion. Social media promotion services like Smo. plus, Viewsta.com, Tube.biz, and Views.biz are good promotion service providers that enable you to buy real YouTube views, subscribers and likes for prices as low as 5$. Using social media promotion services can help you grow your YouTube channel fast.

8. Engaging with your audience.

 Most viewers always stick to YouTube channels where the creator interacts with them by replying to their comments and reacting to their remarks through emojis and GIFs. Whenever you interact with your audience, you get a good image with them, which will make them share your channel with their friends hence your views, likes, and subscribers will increase.

9. Interviewing influencers and celebrities.

Whenever you are interviewing celebrities and influencers, your followers will see that their favorite star was interviewed on a particular channel. Thus they will go to check out your page. This will make more people start viewing, liking, and subscribing to your channel because you have automatically gained popularity.

10. Promoting on other social media sites.

You have to keep in mind that not everybody is on YouTube. Therefore, if you want more YouTube likes, views, and subscribers, sharing your channel’s link to other social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitch will be wise. This will help you reach many people. Hence you will get more subscribers, likes, and views.

11. Create a good background playlist.

A good and exciting playlist will help people stay rooted and engaged in your video for a long time. The background music should be accompanied by the type of emotions displayed in the video. If you create good content with a good playlist, people will want to watch the videos to discover a new song.

12. Create short videos.

Many people get bored after 10 minutes of watching. If you want to get more subscribers, views, and likes, create short videos that are enjoyable and of good quality. This will keep people coming to your channel to watch videos.

13. Get SEO services.

SEO services help rank your YouTube channel higher in the search engine than other channels. With the high number of YouTube channels, it’s best to get SEO services so that whenever people search for specific content, your channel will pop up among the first. This will help you get more subscribers, views, and likes for your YouTube channel.

14. Promote new videos on your end screen.

Promoting a new video on the end screen of the previous video will keep people on your channel, especially if your content is good. This will also make people view and like your videos more since they will be aware of a new video they can watch.

15. Create a channel trailer.

This is where you create a trailer for your channel at the beginning of the videos to show viewers the many videos you have made, to help them navigate and watch as many videos as possible and like your content.


YouTube marketing might not be easy, but using the above strategies can take your YouTube channel promotion to the next level. The use of social media promotion services and SEO services are the best methods to help you get more views, likes, and subscribers. Use the above strategies and take your YouTube channel growth to the next level.


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