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Here are some iconic photos of Dubai Miracle Garden. These details will make you want to add the spot to your list. You will have a great time exploring the list of locations in the garden.

  1. A Life-size Floral: “Emirates Airbus A380”

The plants and flowers used to make the plane were sustainable harvested and grown in Dubai Miracle Garden nurseries over a period of more than 4 months. The amazing flowers include Violas and Marigolds as well as Snapdragons and Geranium. It took around 200 people to build this wonder and 180 days.

  1. The Amazing “Burj Khlifa”

This beautiful, floral Burj Khalifa replica was built in 2014. The tower has been subject to a variety of minor, but still noticeable changes. The tower’s base has no Marigold or Petunia.

  1. The Garden’s Beauty is Enhanced by the “Umbrella Roof”

This stunning umbrella roof at Miracle Garden Dubai provides visual delight. This umbrella passage provides shade during hot, sunny days. It was added to the garden in February 2013, and is still a feature.

  1. “Heart-shaped Arch Passage”, Covered in Flowers

Dubai Miracle Garden’s most famous structure is the arch passage in the heart shape. The thousands of flowers in this passage are a pleasant aroma to breathe. It’s also a beautiful background for Valentine’s Day pictures.

  1. Decorated with flowers in “Floral Houses & Bungalows”

Dubai Miracle Garden’s colorful bungalows and homes make the whole area incredibly charming. These structures are made up of millions flowers and are scattered throughout the garden. Although they look like fairytales at first glance, they are actually quite beautiful. Every bungalow and each house is unique.

  1. The Garden’s Floral Train

This flower train can transport millions of flowers to Dubai Miracle Garden. This train looks almost real with its engine and bogies.

  1. A gigantic “Floral Peacock”

The peacock’s floral bouquet is rich in flowers. The peacock shape is a symbol both of royalty and pride.

  1. Dubai Miracle Garden: The “Flower Lady”

Dubai Miracle Garden’s most distinctive structure is the flower girl. The garden features two flower ladies: one with a headband and the other without. These lovely ladies are adorned by thousands of flowers.

  1. The Half Buried Cars

The visitors are often amazed at the cars half-buried. These cars are aligned straight so that visitors can view them from all angles. The cars that are half buried are inclined at 80 degrees to give the impression they are taking a dip into the earth. The “buried vehicle” concept is a fantastic example of how to use scrap material in an amazing way.

  1. Dubai Miracle Garden – A Long Shot

Here’s an aerial shot of the garden covering 780,000 square feet.

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