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The Word Becomes Alive...and Saves a Life!
Provided by LIFE International

God protects a preborn child whose mother decided not to abort...after taking abortion pills!

Story submitted by LIFE International ministry partner, Christina Milford, Director of PRC Jamaica.

I stood transfixed as I gazed at the eight and a half pound beauty that lay sleeping beside her mother on the hospital bed. Memories coursed through my mind as the mother told of her difficulties with the pregnancy and her thankfulness for our interventions. Indeed, she would not be separated from this baby, even though her siblings were very young, and her circumstances far from ideal.

Petronica, herself motherless, had come to us in desperation a few months earlier. She needed the pills to get rid of this pregnancy. She had multiple health issues, including sickle cell anemia, she was out of work, she was just breaking up with the father, and much more. She had gone to a pharmacist, and he had sent her to us for help.

Agitated, she poured out her complaints about her life and why this pregnancy had to end right then. She wanted no information, not about the baby, not about abortion, not about the consequences; she just wanted the pills! Then something she said triggered a religious discussion. It was the only opening the Lord needed. Together we sipped from Psalm 139. Suddenly she looked up from the page, "But Miss," she said, "I took some pills already!" The Word had become alive in her. She knew then that her decisions and actions against this baby had been wrong.

As we prayed together, we asked for God's mercy and intervention. She was having belly pains so I recommended that she should go directly to the hospital and tell them about the pills she had taken. (She had no idea what they were. They had no label that she noticed.) Three days later I visited her in the hospital.

When Petronica had arrived at the hospital after leaving the center, she was immediately admitted and had been on IV since then. They had done an ultrasound and her baby was okay! Praise the Lord! She exclaimed, "Miss, what a good thing I came to you!" She was grateful. Her life and that of her child had been saved, although she had to stay 14 days in the hospital.

Imagine now my joy a few months later! For I was simply skimming through a list of clients and on seeing her name, I decided to give Petronica a call, just checking up on her. She was in the hospital recovering from a C-section! Is not our God amazing! She continues to be thankful to God for saving their lives, and to us for our interventions.

Thank you for being a part of this, allowing us to educate her, and many like her, and share with them the gift of salvation, compassion, material resources, and life! This we will continue to do, for the love of Christ constrains us!