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The Real Light
Provided by LIFE International

Our associates in Brazil recently sent us this story about God’s redemptive work in the life of one young woman, “Rena.”

“I have lived the abortion experience not one, but four times. How can a serious, responsible, and educated woman and with the early desire to be a mother live like this?

Today I can understand this process of getting pregnant and aborting in a psychological and emotional sense related to a life distant from God. Not knowing God, I did not know myself and the real value of my life.

I believed that my sexual life was only my business. I’ve lived the trap of the prison in a false freedom. I tried to answer to my needs in relationships, needs that could only be filled by God.

I was mistaken; I thought the abortion was a simple procedure that interrupted the development of a piece of a tissue and not of a life. I’ve lived for a long time far from the light. Abortion was a reality that I always ran from, the shadow of the guilt always said that I would never be a mother.

I am still in a process of healing and with this testimony, God gives me another opportunity to heal. As a woman, now I can say about what I have lived, because I could feel the forgiveness of God, and I’ve realized that his life project to all of his “children” is perfect and pleasant.

I know that only God can change what belonged to the death shadow valley and I’ve found the real light and the way to life.

I thank God for this miracle and for CERVI.”