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The Greatest God
Provided by LIFE International

“‘Brigita’ was very nervous when she came to our Center, asking very quickly if we make abortions. She was 14 weeks pregnant, and it was her ex-boyfriend's baby. She didn’t want to have anything to do with him anymore, so this seemed to be the main reason for which she did not want this child. 

She lives in a small town where people speak on and on about every new thing that happens. She was terrified to think that her relatives will find out that she is pregnant, because that would mean she will be known in the whole community, that people will gossip and that her reputation will be lost, and her name will be a shame. On the other hand, she had plans taking into consideration the fact that she is 22 years old: she wanted to finish her studies and to start a new life close to her new boyfriend.

I started to speak to her about abortion, about its consequences, about abortion procedures, about children, about the fetal development. I showed her images with babies in different stages of development and she seemed very interested, but still unconvinced. She kept on saying: 'I know what you mean, but I cannot keep this baby. I don't want to and that's it! I will make an abortion no matter what. If the doctors from Romania will not make the abortion for me, I will go in another country, but I will not keep this baby! Don't try to convince me, it is useless. I want to get rid of this child.'


I took her phone number and I asked her permission to call her and see what she decided after all. Even if abortion in Romania is legal only until the 12th week (and she had 14), I was worried that maybe a doctor will accept to make the abortion, without caring about the fact that it is illegal.


When she left our center she was determined to go to a clinic, hoping that someone will help her resolve this 'problem.' I was quite disappointed because the message that I shared did not touch her at all. She was so determined to make an abortion that I realized that only God could give her a new perspective about all this. So I prayed and left her in the hand of the One that can enlighten her more than I could ever do.

She called me after a few hours, and she was angry because no doctor wanted to make an abortion. After a few days, she called me again: 'Hello! I wanted to tell you that I see things in a different way now, and that the fact that I spoke with you helped me a lot. I do not want to make an abortion anymore. Things have changed a lot. My parents found out and they have not been as cruel as I imagined. On the contrary, they want to help me from now on!'