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Sometimes It Takes a Miracle
Provided by LIFE International

Sometimes it takes a miracle. A counselor at our associate center in Cluj, Romania, learned this lesson after meeting with a young woman facing a difficult unplanned pregnancy.

“Maria” came in for a pregnancy test, even though she had already taken three tests at home. She was definitely pregnant. Maria was worried and scared. Because she suffered from epilepsy, she believed that pregnancy would be more difficult than she could handle. She attended church, and desired to change her life around, but just didn’t see a way.

After her first counseling session, a concerned yet hopeful Maria left the center to talk with her boyfriend, who she was living with. Her situation become even worse when, upon learning of her pregnancy, he left her. At that point, she decided that having an abortion was her only option. Her mind was made up and the only thing the counselor could do was to pray for a miracle and not give up hope.

That miracle happened, when, in a span of just a few days, Maria got good news from her doctor that having the baby would not pose any serious health risks. And, after having had some time to think, her boyfriend accepted that he was a father and decided to return.

Sometimes it takes a miracle. And the counselor learned that day that God is the only worker of miracles, when we’ve done all that we can do, His power will shine even more.