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Fighting For Dear Life

David Gibbs took a leap of faith in September 2003 when Bob and Mary Schindler, Terri Schiavo's parents, asked him to become the lead attorney in their frantic fight to save their daughter's life. Taking the case pro bono, Gibbs embarked on a compelling journey that would forever change his life. He watched Terri fade away in those last days, and was with Mary, her mom, the last time she saw Terri alive. Now, David Gibbs gives an insider's account of the story that tore the heart out of a nation and which marked a watershed moment in America's judicial history. Gibbs shares as-yet undisclosed truths about the trial and error surrounding Terri's death, why it should never have happened, and why it matters so critically for us as we grapple with the value of life, and the question of who decides.