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Every Human Life is "Precious" to God!
Provided by LIFE International

Silent Voices Pregnancy Center in Kitwe, Zambia, learns of a life saved from abortion--thirteen years later!

Story submitted by LIFE International ministry partner, Barbra Mwansa, Director

Thirteen years ago, a woman came into the office seeking an abortion. She was in deep pain and was on the crossroads. Her husband abandoned her for another woman, leaving her with a pregnancy and four other children to take care of. That was one of the reasons she wanted to terminate that fifth child in the womb. Besides that, she had no funds for rent or school tuition, and she was scared to go through all these issues without a husband. She didn't know how they would survive these things if she kept that fifth pregnancy. Her mind was fixed on abortion. The woman was counseled, but still she left being abortion-minded.
On September 21, 2012, the woman called my number and asked if Silent Voices still existed. She told me that she wanted to visit our office, and bring her now 12-year-old daughter! She said that for many years she had been talking to her daughter about Silent Voices. "One day," she promised to her daughter, "I will bring you there to meet your spiritual mom." Today, on September 28, 2012, the woman came in with a special gift: her daughter that was saved 13 years ago. Her daughter is named Precious. We all broke into tears, dancing and singing songs of joy. The woman openly shared, " am so thankful for you all and for Silent Voices. I know the time I came I was in deep pain, lost my husband for another woman, and felt I had no choice but to abort this child. Even though I still chose abortion during counseling, immediately I went back home, I meditated about all I was counseled, and I decided to keep this baby." Today I am very proud about Precious and all my children and I have managed to educate them through my struggles. I am doing business, and even though it's not easy, I can say I am happy I gave life to Precious.

Precious is doing her grade 7 now and she is about to write her grade 7 exams. She is good at speaking English and she is a leader in her church youth group. She told us that she likes reading and going to church. Precious' mother is still single and very much committed to taking care of her children.

Thanks to you, all our faithful friends and partners, for standing with us in many ways. Because of you, today we are able to witness God's faithfulness through the life he brought to the center today. Your prayers and support are highly valued--be blessed always and rejoice with us always. Please continue to pray for both Precious and her mother as they all work hard to pull through in life.