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Contraception Mandate a Profound Violation of Religious Freedom
Provided by Family Research Council by Jeanne Monahan

Religious institutions should not be forced to cover contraceptives in health plans for three reasons: 1) there is not a need for increased access to contraception, 2) drugs and devices that cause abortion are included in the full range of FDA-approved contraceptives, and 3) the contraceptive mandate is a profound violation of religious freedom.

As has been largely reported, effective August 2012, all health plans will be required to cover contraceptives with no co-pay. Last month, despite receiving over 200,000 comments in protest, the Obama administration reiterated its mandate decision, causing a firestorm among conservative and liberal religious groups, as well as many left-leaning organizations and individuals who have decried the decision.

Advocates for the contraceptive mandate claim that there is a need for women to have an increased access to contraception. However it is not widely publicized that the U.S. government is already providing roughly $2 billion for domestic family planning. Most health plans cover such services, so this mandate is aimed at...