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Coming Back Home
Provided by LIFE International

Read this story we received from our associates in Kharkov, Ukraine:

Kalyna is about 22 years old. She is in relationship, but didn't even think about getting married, because a couple of years ago she had already divorced from her 1st husband.

She came into our office by chance. She was walking by and it happened that she saw the sign "Pregnancy Assistance Center."

Kalyna lived with her mom, stepfather, and brother. And she was 20 weeks pregnant. Kalyna had spent the night before at the train station – because her stepfather said that he doesn’t want to have any "crying baby" there in "his" house, and her mother was on his side. So there was conflict and Kalyna left her house and spent the night at the train station.

All who seem to be her nearest and dearest had turned away from her. She felt helpless and lonely and didn't know what to do.

When she came to the center, I didn't know what to do either. In my heart was a desire to help her right away and find some place for her to live, but my spirit said to me that she need something more and for sure she needed to go back to her home.

In our counseling room I gave her some tea and napkins, and started to call social organizations to find a place for her to live. We talked about her situation, about her relationship with her mother, and about her relationship with her boyfriend, who was the father of the baby.

I asked her if she believes in God and it happened that she visited an Orthodox Church from time to time. I asked if I could pray for her, and we prayed. I told her some things from my own experience and about God's perspective.

I also told her that we are here to help her, but that the only hope that we really can have is in Jesus Christ. Because only Jesus is the figure in whom we all can completely put our trust and only He is 100% faithful. And just His love and kingdom would change circumstances in our lives or our attitude to these circumstances. I also told her that if we are not following God's commands we open our life for all kinds of troubles.

We made appointment for a next meeting and she left in her thoughts, but I could see some hope in her eyes.

Next time when she came to visit us she was in the rather good mood. I asked her, "what is happening in your life now?"

"Oh, I found the place where to live now – with my grandma. Also my boyfriend and I have decided to legalize our relationship. And we already filed an application to register our marriage in the registry office."

It was such a blessing to hear those words!

And that time we talked more about her relationship with her mom. I told her about pride and about forgiveness.

We discussed that sometimes a person needs to take some time before starting to develop a new relationship with a person who offended her, but first of all she would have to decide in her heart to trust God and put her feet on the way of forgiveness and reconciliation.

And we prayed with her about her circumstance and about God's leading her into her relationship.

The next time I saw Kalyna she told me, "My mom came to see me, and talked to me, asked for forgiveness, and asked me to come back home."

Now she is taking prenatal classes and in just a couple of weeks, she'll give birth to her new baby.

Sometimes all we can do is to "speak the truth in love," as Eph.4:15 says. And God is miraculously doing His work in the hearts and lives of people.