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Baby Saved in Jamaica!
Provided by LIFE International

LIFE International’s ministry partner, Christina, from the Pregnancy Resource Centre in Jamaica, recently sent us this encouraging note:

“I heard a little voice at the other side of the phone conversation:  "Hi Miss, this is Kadienne (not her real name). I just called to let you know that the baby is born." "Great! Boy or girl?"  "Boy, Miss." “What's his name?”...We talked for a short while as I encouraged her to come and see us.  

Several months ago a small, slim 15-year-old came to see us with friends who were there to lend support. She was in a real crisis and her mother was "going to kill her" (as she put it) if she found out!  She had to have an abortion at all cost!

After our interventions, she left our centre obviously upset and torn by the news and the information she had received. A member of our staff overheard her telling her friends about her frustration and fears. We tried to keep in touch by phone, which typically went to voicemail. We never saw her again!

Imagine then, my joy, at the sound of her "good news" - a child is born...and she does not regret her decision!

Everything gains purpose in the light of a soul that’s saved, and in the joys of holding yet another precious little one, saved from abortion. Knowingly, they seem to peer at you, from eyelids barely open, others sleep or gaze awhile, and we rejoice in every smile." 

We are rejoicing with her over this little one who was granted the opportunity to live! Every prayer offered and every gift sown into LIFE helps equip ministries like PRCJ to fulfill their God-given mission to stand for life in their communities.