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A Life Saved in Romania
Provided by LIFE International

Story submitted by LIFE International ministry partner, Dr. David Ille, of Clinica Pro-Vita, in Cluj, Romania.

A young lady, aged 21, came for a free ultrasound. She was with her parents who were looking for a solution for their daughter's pregnancy. Their plan was to make an abortion and they had already started to look for a clinic for that. They just needed an ultrasound to confirm that it was still legal to have an abortion. The father of the baby was 17, and he did not want to know anything about his child.

While we were having the ultrasound, I showed them how they can hear the heart of the baby beating and that the baby--older than 12 weeks now--was moving. When the mother heard her baby's heart beating, she was so excited that she started laughing from all of her heart, even while tears were pouring from her eyes.

I could see her happiness of being a mother but also a deep sadness and it seemed that these two mixed feelings will govern her life from now on. Her mother was sitting next to her, crying, and asking me, "But is the baby alive?" because she told me that she thought that the baby was alive only after four months.

I told them a few true stories about babies that were supposed to be aborted and the way in which they changed history because of the fact that they were not. After all of this, the client's mother called her husband in to see the ultrasound, because he had really wanted for his daughter to have an abortion. He was so touched when he saw the baby and when he heard his grandson's heart beating.

After we finished the ultrasound, her mother told me, "Doctor, we will find something to feed this baby with." She said that she would take care of the baby so that her daughter could continue her life. I encouraged her and I told her that God would always honor His promises if she decides to take care of the child. Our talk was just coming to an end when she told me, "Doctor, you have just saved the life of a baby today."

This affirmation was the greatest reward that I had had that week. The young mother-to-be did not say a word during the ultrasound, because her parents seemed to make all the decisions. I encouraged her to be a good mother and to raise her child the way her mother did for her. They left with a totally different attitude, and I was amazed by the way in which God changes people's hearts.