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A Heart That Knows the Truth
Provided by LIFE International

Read from our associate in Cluj, Romania, as she tells a story of a young woman who had the courage to stand for the truth after seeing an ultrasound image of her baby.

“Mary” is a student in Cluj, she lives with her boyfriend because her parents are abroad. She took a pregnancy test at home and was shocked: she was pregnant. She suddenly decided to have an abortion. But before taking action, she wanted to talk to somebody about her situation and to have some pre-abortion counseling.

She came to our clinic and started to pour out her frustrations and concerns about the pregnancy, “How am I going to tell my parents?” “I am so ashamed...because I am not married,” “How is it possible to have a baby now?” “We would like to get married first and then have kids...what will my parents say?” “My only option is to have the abortion.”

She said that it's not the right moment to have a baby now, because she had other plans. Her boyfriend was enthusiastic to become a father but she didn't want to hear about it. She even thought about having the abortion in secret, without letting her boyfriend know about it and telling him later that she lost the baby. She was very confused, scared, and undecided about having a baby.

The doctor from our center made the ultrasound and she was able to see her baby—a living being, a small human being full of life. She was very impressed with that image. Then, after she received all the information about the abortion: risks, emotional, and spiritual consequences, she decided, “I am not going to have an abortion. Tomorrow I will go and have the necessary blood tests for pregnant women and then I am going to tell my parents the truth and that I am going to keep this baby. After I receive the results, I will come back to let you know how it worked.” I called her after some weeks and she told me that she spoke to her parents and it is unbelievable that everybody supports her. We were so glad that she had the courage to stand against the mentality of our days where these kind of decisions are not welcomed and are even discouraged.

Mary's decision came from a heart that knew the truth about the beginning of life, about its value and the truth about abortion.

It was a special day for me, too. My Lord fought with a strong arm for the life that was in Mary's womb. For Him, that little new human being was of great value. And Mary's decision to keep the baby was a new victory for Him.

It was a battle that was won by Him—The Life!