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A Day of Celebration
Provided by LIFE International

In Cluj, Romania, our associates tell this story:

“ 'Brigita' came to our Center one day, with her mother, planning to have an abortion. She was 16 years old and she found out only a few days ago that she was pregnant, according to an ultrasound. It seemed that the baby was 14 weeks old and the abortion was already on the edge of illegality. For them, that would have been the only solution available, to get rid of the baby and the other repercussions. But there was nobody to execute the procedure.

I could read despair and panic on their faces. Brigita’s mother was telling me, crying, that she has a deja-vu. It was like she was living her story again. She didn’t want a child for her daughter. Brigita did not reject the idea of carrying the baby, but her mother was very scared about the gossip she would have to endure. What will the world say? The whole village will point the finger at her. Furthermore, their financial situation was not very good, so how will they raise that child?

She knew that it could be possible for some complications to occur after the abortion, but she didn’t want to hear that her daughter will give birth to a baby. She also recalled that her sister died because of the complications of an abortion.

I asked her to get another perspective on the situation, 'Let’s suppose there is no way to take the abortion. How will things go? What would you try to do?' Brigita’s mother hesitated a bit, but then she started to make plans about her daughter’s wedding and about how will they raise the child. That sounded normal to her, two young persons who get married and have a baby.

As a result, she stopped being so fierce against the idea of keeping the baby. I spoke to them about the abortion - what it means and what were the consequences, about God who was the only One who had the right to give and to take a human life. I also told them about Our heavenly Father who is able to take care of us even if our financial situation is not the best. 

Then they left and said they will make a decision.

After a month, Brigita and her mother came back. They were smiling and they were nervous. I looked at Brigita and I could see her growing belly. She kept the baby!

We talked about her decision, about what had happened after they left. Brigita said she and her boyfriend decided to get married and raise the baby. Furthermore, he received a better job, so they would have enough money for the baby.

The doctor made an ultrasound and she found out that she is carrying a baby girl. We were so glad and we praised the One who stood by her on those difficult moments, giving her strength and courage to fight the fear.

[At our center] there was an explosion of joy. Our hearts were extremely grateful, for the Lord cared about Brigita’s burden and He gave her solutions.

It was a celebration day, a day when life triumphed again because of Him. We were encouraged to go forward...and to share even stronger the message that can bring life."