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A Baby Shower Given Away
Provided by LIFE International

Jenny Gurry runs Diamond Pregnancy Support in Sydney, Australia. An old friend recently contacted her who had a friend who wanted to give up her own baby shower to bless some of Diamond’s clients.

This woman invited her own friends to the shower to bring gifts, and then proceeded to give them all away to “Ilysa” and “Dora.”

Ilysa’s baby is due in just seven weeks; she is nervous but excited. She became pregnant with a guy she thought she was heading into a relationship with, but when that fell through she was referred to Diamond for support.

After her husband abandoned her after the birth of her first two sons, Dora never thought she would find herself pregnant again. She came to Diamond seeking emotional support and care and God has been showering blessings on her that she never expected or believed she was worthy of.

These girls were stunned by the baby shower. As virtual strangers to the host, both in less than ideal situations, they were blessed and deeply touched. One of the girls went speechless and glassy eyed and the other just hugged everyone - a lot!

Commenting on the shower, Director Jenny Gurry shared, “What I love about this most, outside of seeing Christ’s love in action, is that not only does this impact these two women and their babies they are about to bear, but their families and friends…It is truly wonderful!”